Sunday, August 26, 2018

Omake Gif Anime - Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san - Episode 7 - Miniature Koyuzu

Koyuzu has a special power to make herself even cuter, er, smaller.

Oboro, Genshiro's retainer, has her hands full admonishing her dumb but powerful Lord Black Dragon God as he searches for a beautiful and spiritually powerful woman for his bride. I mentioned he's dumb, right? Oboro is a little bit oblivious too, apparently.

They keep changing Sagiri's sequence in the opening credits. I think they've settle on this one to finally match what happens this episode.

Yuuna wakes Kogarashi in the usual way. Kogarashi had to wonder just how his leg got into her panties. Also, buy the blurays...

Genshiro chose Yuuna for his spirit bride after she tossed him in the river. She's good at that because she's had lots of practice as Kogarashi's "bride," with whom she has "sexy time" in the room they share. All that according to Koyuzu, anyway.

The eye catch let us know that the cosplay fetish show from opening credits is going to be happening really soon.

Genshiro has a special cosplay power for dressing his bride, which is where we get the source for that whole cosplay sequence, plus the scene with dude taking Yuuna away. This also means we have a real story arc covering several episodes instead of the half episode slice of life stories we've been watching so far.

Sagiri just learned how to summon Spirit Barrier Clothes to take damage for her. She hasn't realized that she could wear normal clothes over this skintight ninja suit, which is really nice for the audience.

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