Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Omake Gif Anime - Fate EXTRA Last Encore - Episode 10 [END] - Nero Umu Umu

Incredibly, this is the first time we had a closeup of Nero saying "umu, umu!"

Rin and Rani were shown making some kind of deal about getting Hakuno and Nero to the sixth floor. Very ominous.

Even more ominous were the seemingly unlimited amount of copies of Rin and Rani attacking them and each other on the sixth floor. Also, a Roman Emperor should not be running around like a ninja, just sayin'.

The Rin they knew did not take kindly to Hakuno's speculation that the copies spit off from each other like worms.

The unfortunate circumstances of Rin and Rani VIII (the only self-aware copies of their original selves) happened because the battle system called their match a draw and then made them a part of the sixth floor's defense properties.

Hakuno tried to break them both out, but Rani's digitally preserved body didn't allow it. The original Rin will continue to watch over Hakuno and Nero into the next special episode.

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