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10 Second Anime - Killing Bites - Episode 12 [END]

The end of the Killing Bites Destroyal is a messy one with unexpected consequences. Hitomi and Nomoto go their separate ways. Season Finale.

Final Bite - "Thanks for everything."


Wow! Wow. Two major twists with one I kind of saw coming, but the last one, wow! First, I think it was obvious something was going to happen to Yoko's grandpa. She herself was already planning some kind takeover because of how she perceived Shidou taking advantage of him. But then to see Leo teaming up Shidou's bureau to kill him and take over everything, for the good of Japan! Like a zaibatsu monopoly was actually causing all the stagnation instead of ZIRP monetary policy and economic stimulus packages that never stimulated, but hey, maybe one of those groups pushed those things. It could happen.

The second major twist was one I should have seen coming, judging by this show's attitude at the start of the season, but then I got lulled into the rhythms of a combat tournament narrative. I forgot to adjust back to the subversive vibe this show has about touchy-feely heartwarming stuff. The world is a jungle and you need sharp fangs to avoid its cruelty. This is Killing Bites! Wait, that's wrong. Whoever has the sharpest fangs, wins. That is Killing Bites! Nomoto had no fangs, so he couldn't even be sharp. Oh well.

Interestingly enough, I don't think he's dead and I don't even think Shidou ordered Hitomi to kill him. The flashback of when Shidou found Hitomi showed his henchman never trusting his methods or motivations. I think he's the one who suckered Hitomi into killing Nomoto before her next job. Apparently, there's a two year time skip before the next act with whole new characters and circumstances, and Hitomi has been missing all that time. This makes me think she and Shidou went in search of other kinds of therianthropes and that some other zaibatsu group took Nomoto before he actually died. Gotta have a redemption-revenge-conspiracy arc somewhere in a story like this, right?


Oh, no recap this time around. Too much story to tell?

I never noticed this, but there is a hint of Hitomi's final honey badger form in the opening credits. Her skin is darker and her fangs are longer.

Ui is such a good girl. She helped Hitomi and she noticed the support staff were no longer around.

Tentacle grape! Ui is literally tongue tied by this chameleon brute.

Didn't we just hear last week that a honey badger is most dangerous when they're near death? I guess the Chameleons were too busy killing the medical staff and camera crews.

Gah! Mai kicks and stomps ass again! Maybe she got some therianthrope in her too? But how did she get there so fast?

Har. Ui learned from Mai that she won.

Welp. Reptile gang is going down. That horny lizard girl is getting ready for some action.

Leo is still in the room, so this is a dumb move. Maybe now we know why Leo didn't fight so hard to have Kido replace him so he could stay on board.

Ouch and ouch! Two zaibatsu heads taken out in one night.

Ho. Haven't seen some hetero sexy time since Cobra got his nads chopped off.

Yoko never said no...

And Killing Bites is over. Nomoto has some epilogue downtime.

His otaku buddy is srsbsns about next season anime. Uh, hey, I better get srsbsns too!

Shidou let him keep the cash. And it's been two weeks, so they're going to let him move on?

Ah. A call from Hitomi. Maybe not.

So, did Hitomi get her arm reattached or regrown? How's this work?

Ah crap. Nomoto planting a mountain of death flags with this schmalzy music and talk of metaphorical fangs.

That's not a love confession! That's a slash! Oh, this looks bad for Nomoto. Yet it still fits this show's attitude.

Aw. Honey badger do care.

And suddenly time skip. I guess I don't have to care about the manga then.

The future is full of therianthropes thanks to that GMO law they passed back at the end of the Killing Bites Destroyal.

A new act begins with new main characters in a new setting. Leo is still lurking around though.

According to Oshie's omake, Hitomi has been gone for two years. She's staking out the best pancake shop in Japan. Smart.

And it ends with only one naked scene for the entire season. Boo!

Final Thoughts.

To be honest, I feel a little let down because of the lack of nudity after the first episode, but the trashy, violent vibe with muscular girls and guys, with an air of not taking the story too seriously more than made up for it. There was gore! People died! People really intended to rape girls! People were mean to each other! I mean, seriously mean to each other! That's so rare in any other character but the one you're supposed to hate in anime these days.

Nomoto as the useless self-insert character was totally out of place in this kind of story, and it worked! He even got killed (maybe not) at the end for being so alien to that underground world of fighting. I loved it! This show was merciless all the way through. I mean, come on. It starts with a high school girl getting abducted for the purpose of gang rape. That set the whole tone for the rest of the story and never really strayed.

A funny set piece that I never really mentioned in any of the reviews was the Animal Kingdom style explanations for the Brutes' animal powers. The whole thing was played so over the top serious and exciting, it actually helped by sliding a bit of humor into the violent fights to take the edge off the viciousness of the attacks. It aided the emotional pacing of the combat and again let the audience feel how unserious this whole sci-fi furry fantasy truly was. It really showed how the production stuff was having fun with this whole process.

So, should you watch it? If you liked Ikkitousen or Tenjou Tenge, where you took all those bullies and bad girls but gave them a furry fetish, then this show is right up your alley. Even if you don't have a hankering for yiffing, and you liked the mean girl vibe of Cross Ange, then again, you'll like this show. The girls stayed sexy in their outfits as they slowly got slashed to nothing, but there was no nudity except for the one scene in the first episode. So you better like muscular girls beating up muscular guys.

I had a lot of fun watching this show and even the twist ending with Nomoto and Hitomi added an extra depth that I wasn't expecting. I'd just like the next season with the new characters to show a bit more in the flesh department. It could happen, since the bulk of that story won't be happening in the dark on some jungle island, but in an arena with all sorts of "amenities." But, I'm okay for now. No rush. 

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