Sunday, March 18, 2018

Omake Gif Anime - Takunomi - Episode 10 - Nao Bites Pork

Nao enjoyed the tastes of Okinawa with a bite of rafute pork belly.

It's cold in Tokyo and Nao attacked Michiru with her worst weapon - freezing hands!

Kae and Nao shared their memories from a trip to Okinawa last Summer. Kae needed to heal her heart... what a dumbass boyfriend!

Kae is going back to Okinawa with her friend over the new year's break, but Kae can't go because this is her busiest time of the year. The girls decided to bring Okinawa to Nao with beer and food!

Michiru looks forward to her own trip with the girls to Okinawa. Now, when do we see Makoto in a bikini?

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