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10 Second Anime - Yowamushi Pedal - Glory Line - Episode 10

Aoyagi shows Kaburagi the power of Love Hime. Yuuto Shinkai challenges Onoda on the long climb.

Line.10 - "#16, Yuuto Shinkai"


When you take a shot at the king, you best make sure your first strike hits. Yuuto is going to learn that firsthand as he battles THE NATIONAL CHAMPION OF JAPAN on the road.

But first, lets talk about the power of flat chests. FLAT IS LOVE! FLAT IS JUSTICE! Now, I don't believe in such a thing (I'm more of an Oppai Dragon fan myself), but you can't deny the power of Love Hime in the yowapeda universe. Her theme song is inspired scripture from the God of Orangeena!

Also confirmed - Sohoku has an Anime Club (with Cycling). If people are learning anime song lyrics without the presence of Onoda, it's already too late to think otherwise. Listen closely to what Teshima says when he discovers Aoyagi practicing the Love Hime lyrics. "You too?" TOO! Now I want to see Teshima sing Love Hime!

Anyway, I was almost totally satisfied with the anime song scene here. I only wish we got the accompanying music in the background music, but I can't fault the choice not to. There's obviously going to be a much more satisfying scene including the whole team, probably on the last stage. Something to compare to how Sohoku sang together in their movie from two years ago. I'm looking forward to that.


Aoyagi is correct. You don't read song lyrics. You sing them!

Aoyagi knows exactly what Love Hime is. The star in the title is very important. For some reason...

Quiet-Guy Senpai has no shame when it comes to doing what has to be done. Sing a late-night anime theme song in the middle of the peloton? No hesitation!

Flashback! Tadokoro taught him! He made him learn it! The star in the title is very important! For some reason...

Ho! Look how serious Aoyagi got when Tadokoro mentioned Onoda's name. "[THE NATIONAL CHAMPION OF JAPAN] made me sing this song." This song is why Sohoku won last year! Tadokoro said that! Aaahhh! I'm getting goosebumps listening to this.

The legend of THE NATIONAL CHAMPION OF JAPAN just grows and grows.

Special K doesn't believe Aoyagi, but the Orangeena God Memo has the words, so what can you do? Dayum, Aoyagi is a genius. At the very least, he's the Kaburagi Whisperer.

"I'm a man! I'll sing an anime song!" Hahahahaha!

Oh man, that was too good. We just needed the music, but that probably only comes on when THE NATIONAL CHAMPION OF JAPAN sings it.

Okay, I guess we have to deal with the dude in the episode title.

Izumida still thinks he can shatter Sohoku's spirit. Well, he'll learn. Even Fukutomi never bothered with demoralization tactics against Sohoku. He knew better after racing against them for so many years.

Welp, that's all over. Onoda is going to make it to the front ahead of Yuuto. Teshima placed his wishes and team spirit onto Onoda's back. That counts as riding together for Team Sohoku. We just need to see Yuuto get chewed up by the Crazy Cadence.

Teshima says he'll stop Yuuto with his Wall. You mean that Wall that doesn't do well against fake-outs on climbs like at last year's training camp against Onoda? Oh look, a fake-out...

This is interesting. Yuuto climbs like his brother sprints. Climbers don't like being touched. I'll talk about that in the Cycling Porn section.

Look! Girls!

Whoops. Yuuto made Onoda race for his friends instead of himself. The Power of Love Hime, Friendship, and Promises is going to be way too powerful for Peak Hornet.

Onoda still needs a nickname. Mountain King doesn't really match his aura. Have people started labeling his death punch to the throat The Smiling Climb yet?

Okay, I've got to calm down. Watching Onoda work his magic without even standing up is too much. This is not the Mountain King pedaling like that. This is THE NATIONAL CHAMPION OF JAPAN. Onoda is going to do some craz(ier) shit against whatever Yuuto pulls on him next episode.

Har. The omake has everyone finding out about their secret anime practices. "You too, Aoyagi?" Too! TOO! Gah! The only one not knowing this anime song was Special K, and he just learned it this episode.

Oh, new end card. This will follow us through into the next season. But is Onoda sneezing or giggling at Makishima here?

Cycling Porn.

This week, we got to see a whole bunch of what happens inside the peloton, a whole bunch of bike brands from that pack, like Anchor, Cervelo, Kuota, Corratec, and Ridley, as well as loving looks at our main characters' bikes with Felt, Corratec, Cannondale, Cervelo, and BMC. In a pack of riders, you really can hear almost everything because the wind is being blocked by the guys at the front and along the sides. The peloton drags its own cloud of air with it, so in the middle of the pack, as long as there is not any adverse weather going on, it's so quiet because the air is so still. It's the main reason people don't want to or can't break out of the pack, because they get so used to being dragged along by the air of the peloton.

Now, Yuuto's tactics on a climb is not what a climber does. We've seen Midousuji butt heads, or literally head butts against Imaizumi, on a climb, but he's a protected ace rider. He's used to the scrum of the flat out sprint for the line. Protected riders at the pro level for Grand Tours (three week races) don't mess around with the sprints at all. The one week stage racers can be both, but the specialists of the Grand Tours are climbers and time trialists. They're used to spending almost all day by themselves or with a very small group of people who also ride by themselves a lot. They don't like the bumping and rubbing shoulders of the peloton or the bunch sprint.

Yuuto is definitely Hayato Shinkai's younger brother. He seems to have the sprinting skills of maneuverability and can handle his bike while pressed against another rider. Sprinting skills matched with a climber's body is an interesting hybrid. Doubashi said he finds climbers creepy (Manami didn't have much of a reaction to that), but I'm sure he'll find a kinship with Yuuto when he sees how he climbs using sudden lunges, rubbing shoulders, and bombing small gaps between other riders.

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