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10 Second Anime - Killing Bites - Episode 8

Hitomi faces off against Taiga as other players follow their own agendas.

8th Bite - "This is bad... it's bad, it's bad, it's bad, it's bad!!"


This isn't a sexy geh. This is a geh! They love chopping people in half with their guts hanging out in this show.

And they're supposed to be dead! That takes guts... Anyway. In a short montage they even showed Gorilla's spinal cord hanging out the bottom of his torso and Crocodile's body parts strewn about.

Ui had the understandable response to all this violence. So, I'm enjoying the shock factor and attitude of this show mixing sexiness with violence, as all respectable trashy shows do, but I do wish they showed some more nudity. I mean, come on. All these sharp claws should be ripping some clothes off too.


We had a quite long talk between the zaibatsu heads which explained to me a bit more about how these therianthropes work and what's possibly up with Kido. Apparently, which matches the topics covered by the reptilian crossbreeds, the therianthropes awaken genes from shared ancestors in evolution and Shidou somehow maxes them out into the present day animals.

The issue for the zaibatsu is alien gene therapy, as in splicing other species' genes into a person instead of using their own genes to turn them into animals. The original way explains why all these predator types came from delinquent schools, the defensive types came from their respective backgrounds like Sumo Logan and Ui, and the criminal gangs awakened their reptilian genes. Kido may be the first Killing Bites fighter who is an actual crossbreed and has many animal traits to draw on. We'll see if that's the case.

Also, just like any tournament, there's a game within a game, with the defeated reptile group inserting a chameleon assassin to make sure Shidou's influence doesn't give him the monopoly on public gene therapy surgery that the old man is hoping for.


The episode title has a lot of "yabai" in it. I'm curious to see who said it.

Honey badger vs. Tiger, let's get it on!

Taiga still thinks Leo let Hitomi win. And Kaori doesn't understand why her civet pheromones aren't working on either of them.

Gorilla guy used to be a bullied nerd. Looks like he deserved it too.

Uh oh. Gorilla made the mistake of breaking trees to stop Ui's escape.

See? He deserved being bullied. He didn't even try to explain he was trying to plug up Ui's holes with the tree stumps because he thinks Kido would be too dumb to understand.

Ouch! He's not coming back from that. Everyone is going to blame Kido for killing his own teammate, but Gorilla instigated it. It's his own fault. Yoko is the only player left for her team.

Ui is going to die! Her life flashed before her eyes and it's just digging holes and napping. Ha!

She's also the one who said all the "yabai!" Since she's the one saying it, and she's a nice girl, she wouldn't be cussing as a translation.

Ui is saved! After pissing herself... Good thing she's not wearing any underwear, then.

Kido's eyes glowed green. He's got some reptile in him then.

Aw man. What a way to waste some time. Cobra was still alive, which is not surprising since a snake can survive a long time with those kinds of injuries. They'd still die, but they'd take whatever did it down with them. Unless it was a honey badger...

Lots of flashbacks to these delinquent schools. It's like Tenjou Tenge mashed up with a furry fetish. Hitomi is obviously a delinquent too, and was saved by Shidou from some dark alley.

Oh. Honey badger took Tiger's supposed killing blow. She's got the measure of it now.

Ah! This omake is hilarious. And now Ui is included in Oshie's yuri cosplay fantasies.

Next time, things look bad for Hitomi, but Kido and that unauthorized chameleon guy are still running around. But what can Ui do to save Hitomi? And who is her player anyway?

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