Friday, March 02, 2018

10 Second Anime - Dagashi Kashi S2 - Episode 8

The Endou twins meet Hajime working at the Shikada candy store.

Episode 8 - "Roll Candy, High Eight Chocolate, and ..."


Hajime is a great character! She has a self-unaware sexiness, which others are definitely aware of, that mixes together with her slight laziness and overall clumsiness. She does think fast on her feet, but those thoughts might not be the best ones to help her out, which leads to great comedy for the audience.

And So.

Let's talk about this episode!

Hajime and Saya get together for the de eye catch. But nobody said the "de, de." Very disappointed.

And look! Hajime is now in the title sequence. Also, both she and Yutaka appear in Hotaru's final scene of the opening credits too.

Saya's New Rival.

Poor Saya. She had finally gotten rid of Hotaru, couldn't get anywhere with a depressed Kokonotsu, and when he finally gets out of his shell, a new challenger appears!

She was very distracted at school, so she needs a confrontation!

Ha! She wants to see Kokonotsu call her "Mama" too! This fantasy said way more about Saya than it did about Hajime or 9-Piece.

Ho. Hajime is a terrible employee. And ouch! She's clumsy.

What is Saya even saying here? How can Kokonotsu hire a part-timer when he has her, who also goes to school at the same time he does? Saya's brain got totally scrambled.

That was a quick way to defuse Saya. She looks like the girlfriend! Oh no, she's not, but does she really seem that way, such flattery, do you really thinks so? Saya, fully scrambled.

Aw. Nobody's here to explain how the candy works. This kind of comedy also works without listening to a lot of history and trivia.

And we're back to big trouble. Hajime lives together with Kokonotsu? Saya rage!

Ha. Tou's little vignette was great. Hajime also thinks she has a sexy body...

Tou assumes a lot from adults. How is a total stranger supposed to figure out he's play acting? Maybe the candy cigarette would give it away...

Hajime must protect this house!

Next time, back to youtube for some reason. Hopefully there is no You rapping.

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