Monday, February 26, 2018

Omake Gif Anime - Nanatsu no Bitoku - Episode 5 - Metatron Checks Heartbeat

Metatron the Angel of Charity shows off her caring virtue as a heavenly nurse. Try to calm down, or she'll hear your extra loud heartbeat!

Metatron has found her Messiah candidate in a hospital, so she'll have to nurse him back to health first. Unfortunately, her tender treatment isn't so good for his blood pressure or his arrhythmia.

Metatron wants to make up for all the extra stress she gave the Messiah candidate, so he suggests a special bath. An oppai sponge bath!

Unfortunately, that special treatment flipped Metatron's switch. Her Sadistic switch using Sandalphon's gadgets! The first time another angel appeared in someone else's episode was Sandalphon explaining Metatron's Sadism fetish.

Metatron didn't help her Messiah candidate get better, so we'll have to see if another Heavenly Virtue has better luck next week.


All the usual nurse and hospital based fetishes mixed with Metatron's dominatrix side led to very NSFW scenes. How inventive to turn a sponge bath into a Soapland adventure!

Regular lathered soappai turned into bondage sponge bath which then turned to Metatron asking Sandalphon to make special gadgets for her Messiah patient. Dou-S switch flipped!

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