Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Finds from the Grind - Encanto to Durfee

Hyperlapse video of my ride between Encanto and Durfee on the SGRT on 2/17/2018.

I've been meaning to make a smoothed out hyperlapse version of some of my river trail rides, but I've always found some interesting things along the way to turn the video into more a clip show. Well, not this day. I'm at the point in my fitness where I'm barely passing anyone going the same direction, but also fit enough where it takes forever for someone to actually catch and pass me. You know what that means on a straight stretch of road where only underpasses break the monotony? Boring!

I mean, it's boring video. To me, who actually rode it, I could watch it all day. Just don't ask me to watch it on a Saturday afternoon. That will turn into naptime instead of awesome cycling video time. To anyone else, boring! But if you speed it up using smoothing interpolation software, ahem, hyperlapse algorithms, then you can see that the boring road actually has interesting geography that a rider definitely feels in the legs and experiences in the effort.

That's a lot of words to say, "yeah, 45 minutes of boring bike path only looks interesting if you speed it up 10 times to end the torture quicker." Fine. Here's your hyperlapse. Enjoy the snaking road. I did!

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