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10 Second Anime - Violet Evergarden - Episode 6

Violet works with a scribe in a far off observatory and learns how loneliness relates to love.

Episode 6 - "Somewhere, Under the Starry Sky"


This episode was one of those standalone pieces where a character with some similarities to the main character bounces off her and we get some character development or revelation. In this case, we had an orphan named Leon who felt stuck in one place waiting for the return of his parents, or at least some kind of closure, realizing that he was ready to move on because of what he learned from Violet's circumstances.

The pivotal question for Leon was whether his mother loved him when she abandoned him to look for his father. For a child, who still lacks perspective, love and attention, or presence, is still very much binary. Violet solves this dilemma for Leon when she answers his question about what she would do if she found out her beloved was somewhere that she needed to go. Violet didn't even hesitate. Her only concern was how to apologize for breaking a work contract when she left. Leon finally recognized what he saw in his mother's face when she left him all those years ago. It wasn't abandonment, but desperate hope for reunion. All of their family's reunion.

Life is harsh in this post-war world, so it's not so surprising, even if it's still hurtful, that people would find bad luck in far off places. Leon's realization that his waiting all those years for his parents' return served no purpose other than keeping him imprisoned in his own far off place. He needed to move on and live his life. At the beginning of the episode, his narration wondered why he resented the Auto Memoranda Dolls so much because of their purpose in traveling to meet their clients' needs. It was envy mixed with an unrealized desire of his own desire to travel for his profession.

So, Leon's character moved as it crashed against Violet, but how did Violet react? She learned from Leon that her wistful attention she paid to Gilbert was loneliness. She missed him. Unfortunately, she didn't get the flip side of that realization because the comet they were looking at got a sideshow of aurora, but Leon realized that Violet was already, and still, in love with someone else. At least Violet recognized another emotion she could feel. But there was something else she realized as Leon told her he was moving on. She wanted to do that too.

Which aspect of that movement, we don't know. Was it to act like Leon's mother and look for Gilbert, or was it to accept that desperate hope she felt that he was somewhere was actually denial that he was dead, and start living a life without him? I don't think she's ready yet for that second choice, since she feels that she would die without Gilbert, but she's already living without Gilbert, albeit in a similar far off emotionless place like Leon has been.

All in all, this story above the clouds under a starry sky was a nice set piece to teach Violet to recognize the loneliness she felt and to keep tantalizing us with her reunion with Gilbert, in whatever form that may be.


Astrea, huh? I guess we're going to an observatory in the alps of Austria-equivalent.

Wow, that is a lot of Dolls showing up in one place. What is going on here?

This Leon guy looks very feminine with his long black hair and dark skin.

Ha. He cynically thinks these Dolls dress up nice just to snag a rich man. It's apparent they get a lot of attention, but we haven't seen any former Dolls yet.

Aw. Leon is the narrator, but Violet didn't write a letter for him. There goes that neat idea for a narrative device. He's still going to teach her something about an emotion, though.

Violet has friends. And Luculia is there too!

So, um, does Violet know any Dolls who don't have flower names? They can't all be named after flowers. Even Erica means heather, so no, we haven't met any Dolls with names yet who isn't a flower too. Bluebell, Iberis, Luculia, Violet, Iris, and Cattleya are all flowers.

Nice. Violet became infamous for the Drossel princess affair, but Luculia notices she's not happy about something. Aw, don't try to fake a happy face, Violet.

We've gone too far forward in time, so I suppose we're going to revisit that dramatic scene with Gilbert's brother from last episode.

All the scribes at this observatory need some female companionship.

Leon didn't want to be impressed, but he got totally smitten by Violet.

And worse, she impressed him with her typing skills.

Heh. Ally's Comet for Halley's Comet. The periodicity here is 200 years, though, but conveniently showing up this fortnight while all the Dolls are here.

Har. Leon has resting bitch face. Violet just has resting face.

Ooh. They're both orphans. Leon could have a thing with Violet! He hopes.

She's not saluting this episode, but Violet is still showing her military training. Eat and sleep alone to minimize vulnerability to attack. Well, Leon is getting blue balls this week...

Ah man, don't take your blue balls out on the baguette! Oh. He's just nervous about asking Violet out on a d-d-d-d-date. Looking at a comet when everyone else will be is a date, right?

This waiting background music is hilarious.

Leon is so tsundere...

Ah. Son of a gypsy. Explains the dark skin.

Leon realized a lot of things after he heard Violet's story. See above.

Aw. This is such a romantic parting, in the classical sense. All the feeling is there, at least on Leon's part, with none of consummation.

So, what will Violet do next? Look for Gilbert? Move on? Come on, she's got to look for Gilbert.

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