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10 Second Anime - Killing Bites - Episode 7

Eruza and Hitomi begin to fight as opponents again, but Eruza's teammate Kaori has another agenda.

7th Bite - "Because... that's what I feel like doing"


One major question for me got resolved this week and that was why Yoko seemed so mad all the time, specifically at Shidou and marginally at Nomoto. The reason why is she blames Shidou for turning her grandfather, the head of her zaibatsu, into a dirty old man who gets thrills from monsters killing each other and animals using their abilities to entertain and titillate.

Yoko wants a return to how the zaibatsu used to settle things with their champions as a way to break her grandpa's spell cast by the Rasputin-like Shidou. She'll be in for a rude surprise when she finds out her grandpa always was a dirty old man. Anyway, she thinks her introduction of a perfect beast, Kido, will end the circus-like farce with strippers Killing Bites has turned into. She's wrong, though.

Another thing clarified for me this episode is that although there are four major teams, each of the three players per team is controlled by a single player. These guys can coordinate a plan before the match starts, but anything goes, apparently, after the starting bell. This explains why Eruza had no idea what her teammate Kaori was capable of, or what her role was going to be. This Killing Bites event is more like Bridge instead of Risk.


Yoko used to be so cute! And her grandpa never showed her that crazy long tongue back then either.

But then that evil Shidou and Mai showed up and her nice grandpa turned into a dirty old man. Unforgivable! Newsflash Yoko - Shidou works for your grandpa, not the other way around.

Oh ho. We're finally going to see this Kido guy in action!

According to Gorilla, he's a maniac naturalist.

Oh, and Gorilla is still alive for some reason. At least his glasses are broken to show he didn't escape Taiga's slash unscathed.

Kido easily blocked Crocodile's attacks with partial transformations. We're still building up to the big reveal on his animal. Even the zaibatsu attendees don't know what he is.

Uh, that's no good. Fist through the head. And now the body is spasming and Kido is desecrating the corpse for fertilizer. Somebody in the crowd says he's going to be sick. I don't blame him.

Could Kido be a rhinoceros? They like to patrol the savanna and put out fires. I guess we're still waiting to see. Maybe he's a super hybrid of many animals.

Of course Sumo Logan escaped death by Ui's rabbit holes. She just likes digging.

And with Gecko gone because she had to get out of there with Cobra and Croc dead, Eruza starts to attack Hitomi.

Kaede said another Brute was lurking around. These pieces may be moved around publicly, but they may also have their own agendas.

Whoa. Now that's attacking her... Eruza said the title of the episode. That "Because..." has a resigned connotation in Japanese, as if it's a reason that can't be helped. Check out more of this "attacking" in the Geh section.

So, the pieces on the island have no actual communication with their players. They just hear how they're supposed to move from the explosive collar. Kaede had no idea that Croc died. I suppose we have confirmation that Cobra died too. He did have his balls cut off before getting cut in half with his guts hanging out. I don't see him walking away from that. Literally.

Ha! Ui is being a brave bunny against Gorilla. He's going to have a hard time squashing her.

Wow. That's some hot, violent foreplay.

Ah. Brute Civet, Kaori. The sexy lady who didn't say much to Eruza. They were an all cat team, how about that?

So, civets emit a pheromone aphrodisiac? When does she eat coffee cherries and poop them out? I bet her Kopi Luwak goes for way more than regular civet coffee at 110 dollars a pound.

Civetone Wrap. Not the sharpest fang, but who can pull those fangs out. Honey Badger is going to have a riposte to that pretty soon.

Har. The dudes are loving this yuri sideshow. Yoko, not so much, but it looks like she has a pure, pure maiden heart.

And Gecko died. At least they say Tiger "slew" Gecko. And just like that, the whole reptile team is done. Maybe all dead. Expensive Destroyal for that zaibatsu.

Honey Badgers break out of poison very quickly, so it's not surprise that Hitomi beat Eruza out of the miasma. It seems she really wants to screw Shidou's brains out, though.

So, even though Kaori was on the same team as Eruza, she still threw her sex gas at her. She's taking orders from someone outside the team, or set up a plan beforehand. Obviously, Yoko's Grandpa loved it, but Shidou claims it was Kaori's player who put on the show.

Ah. Taiga joins the party. Cliffhanger for Honey Badger vs. Tiger. I hope Eruza doesn't try to hump her big brother next episode.

Ha ha. Oshie loves the idea of Hitomi being into cosplay. Glasses girl has to be an otaku.


Who needs nudity when we have this humping, scissoring, tongue action? Okay, I still need nudity, but these animals were in heat. I just wonder how they're going to look each other in the eye after this night.

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