Friday, February 16, 2018

10 Second Anime - Killing Bites - Episode 6

Hitomi's team continues to act as the spoilers as she takes on Brute Cobra and Ichinosuke joins the fight between Crocodile and Taiga.

6th Bite - "Who Cares?"


Halfway into the season and Honey Badger finally said she didn't care! Ahahahaha! Hitomi herself said the title of the episode and it was at such a honey badger type moment too. Honey badgers are immune to snake venom. Well, not exactly immune, it's just that their immune systems neutralize the venom so fast. Of course we were going to see this happen while Hitomi fought a Cobra and upon waking up, Brute Cobra asked whether she was faking being poisoned or she finally beat it. The clunky literal translation of her reply is "Such a thing, do I know it?" But the sentiment is truly a dismissive, "Who cares?" Because HONEY BADGER DON'T CARE!

Anyway, you'll see why that moment was so satisfying for other reasons later on, but the tournament style plot continues to rely on revelations about animal traits and the certain zaibatsu's philosophies and strategies concerning their therianthropes.

Whoops. Cobra is missing an eye now, but it's not like vipers use their eyes to locate their prey anyway.

This CG Cobra looks terrible. They should have kept with the hand drawn style, but you never know what the director is trying to prove. Loss of time or experimenting with modeling, who can tell?

The reptilian zaibatsu likes to dress up their women as office ladies. One of the Horned Lizard twins was in the meeting too and she cleans up nice.

They wanted to specifically take down Shidou's new pet, but I guess they had priorities in taking out Taiga first. Lucky them, for honey badgers being aggressively curious.

Ah. This fan lady is named Seira and she's the wife of the main Ishida zaibatsu principal. Their philosophy is preserving the lives of their crossbreeds, but it may be less altruistic than protecting their monetary investments. Ichinosuke took it to heart and applied it to other therianthropes.

Shidou was responsible for letting criminals and delinquents become crossbreeds. They never had reptiles before then, which fits the personality types of the gang members which formed the all reptile team. Hitomi is a cynical, high school girl problem child. Of course she would become a honey badger.

Taiga is ready to take Crocodile with him. Croc is pretty confident he'll survive.

Hippo smash!

Sumo Logan doesn't want any crossbreeds to die because Seira said so.

Ui is just digging everywhere. You just know those burrows are going to be the key to victory somehow.

And here comes the cobra poison.

Meanwhile, Kaede gets serious too, but she doesn't like how her final form messes with her sense of beauty. I agree!

And Cobra dude went from Tentacle Grape with Eruza to Date Grape with Hitomi. Cobra Mist as roofies, yo.

And honey badger don't care about poison. Also, yeeouch! Those are snake guts hanging out! Is Cobra going to survive that?

Har! Mai calls Hitomi getting bored and showing up at a fight as Nomoto being brilliant. It just worked out that way.

Yoko is unimpressed.

Two on one against Kaede? She may have other tricks since Cobra alluded to her Hong Kong mafia ties.

A hippo should have no problem with a crocodile, but here we are.

Oh. The mystery man shows up. They're really trying not to spoil what animal he's going to be. They were so impressive in faking out Sumo Logan turning into a hippo instead of a fat wolverine. The only hint we have is the guy's name is Kido.

All the other animals from that zaibatsu have been the kings of their domain. Bear for the forest, Lion for the jungle, Gorilla for the savanna. So, what is this guy going to be the king of?

These omake crack me up. The honey badger goes after the lesser honey guide to shut up its noise? I'll believe it!


No nudity here, but they really went to town on the date grape scene.

Lots of lingering shots over Hitomi's vulnerable crotch, but it was all made okay when she literally cut that guy's balls off. You go, girl!

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