Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - New Game!! - Episode 10 - Hajime Has an Idea

Hajime tried to find a way to explain why Naru's mini-game, even though delivered to her specs, appeared lacking. Then she had an idea!

Hajime is new to a design leadership role, so she had trouble trying to get the developer to do more work because she was herself vague about the spec changes. She defaulted to acting like Shizuku, but her flirtatious banter was step 2, not step 1 of annoying the programmers.

Umiko knows all too well about those changing spec sheets, as do the other developers in her division.

As an intern, Nene wasn't involved with the company's actual work, but she got a taste of her own medicine by hitting the specs on her assignment and then going crazy with add-ons. Umiko kept her grounded.

Naru and Momo featured in the eye catch. Naru is still a bit too prissy for me, but they're adding a cat-like veneer to her reactions, which could give her much needed charm points.

The passage of time made itself felt during the episode as Autumn came to Japan and the foods that keep people warm, like the hot pot Momo eats, became a reason for a calm before the storm of delivering the game to the publisher.

Just to bring it full circle, Yagami gave us her signature panty-clad behind which we hadn't seen since the beginning of the season.

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