Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - Hajimete no Gal - Episode 6 - Yukana Catches You Staring

Yukana actually doesn't mind you staring, just staring too much is the problem. Noted.

Junichi's imagination worked overtime when he was alone in Yukana's bedroom for the first time.

Yukana was a little miffed that Junichi invited all their friends to hang out after school because she was expecting some alone time with her boyfriend. They were about to share a nice experience before they got interrupted.

Hello Interrupters! Nene wanted to continue what she saw was about to happen, but Yui wasn't having any of it.

The supposed plot of the friendly hangout was to use the King Game to maneuver the gals into sexy or kissing situations. Nene got the balls bouncing, or boobs, whichever...

Junichi decided to sabotage his friend's plan to get him to kiss Yukana and the other girls to kiss each other. Instead of watching some dudes forced to kiss, we got some nice distracting cheesecake.

Ranko gets another turn at the end card. She's still playing with cherries, I see.

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