Friday, August 11, 2017

10 Second Anime - Gamers! - Episode 5

A cascade of misunderstandings plagues Tasuku's plans to get Keita stuck in a love comedy with Chiaki and Karen.

DAY 5 - "Aguri and Communication Error"


Alright. A 20 second recap gets us right back into the cliffhanger from two weeks ago. Keita's primal scream of "Eeeehhhhh!!!!????" pretty much covers it.

Yes, it was just Tasuku noticing that Chiaki's gamer handle was MONO and that she was playing that mobile game with Keita right then.

Chiaki is so stubborn. She hates Keita so much, "he could be reborn in an alternate reality for all I care." Number 1, he would enjoy that, and number 2, sly criticism on the glut of videogames based on that premise.

Tasuku has his own primal scream, "How much more fated to be together could you two be????!!!"

It was that "fate" word that knocked Aguri down.

Chiaki uses her mother's maiden name for her gamer handle, just like Keita. Sometimes, she's Mono and sometimes she's Nobe. Yes, THAT Nobe who makes the indie games that Keita likes so much. FAAAAATED!

So, Tasuku thinks he's so smart to have a Gamers' Meet-Up to discuss games instead of train for contests. This is his chance to put Keita in that infamous rom-com love triangle between Karen the school idol and Chiaki the ugly duckling who has so much in common with him. Years and years of will-they-won't-they get together already!

Too bad for Tasuku that he's already caught up in the comedy with Aguri and himself thrown in as complications to the main characters. Chiaki already thinks Keita has a cute girlfriend in Aguri, and his actions aren't really disproving it either.

Chiaki also thinks Tasuku is a playboy going for Karen. His friendly looks at her do look like he's throwing game Karen's way. I don't think Chiaki is actually interested in Tasuku at this point, but she is flustered by his good looks and that she'd rather talk to him than that moe-loving freak Keita.

Isn't Chiaki the special one? She got the Pygmalion treatment and now all the girls thinks she's trying to steal their love interests away from them.

Aw. Keita still says the stuff that makes gamer grrls weak in the knees. A game dev should just make games however she wants as long as she's having fun. Except he doesn't care about Chiaki's flops. Har! Wait until he finds out she's Nobe, the game dev he loves so much.

Karen is still on the outside of this Gamers' Meet-Up group because she's only shared one "date" with Keita so far.

Both Aguri and Tasuku are pretty wise with their relationship knowledge. Aguri says that you don't "do love, you fall in love." This is a way of saying that choosing to love someone only happens after the irrational attraction.

Uh. Keita said all those nice things about Aguri to Chiaki, but he never made it clear that she was Tasuku's great girlfriend. Compound those errors! Make it stick!

Ahaha! Nice switcharoo on the Karen look-alike in that galge. Bad End for you Keita!

Playing a dating sim is not where to go for relationship advice. Lalalalala, Keita doesn't want to hear that!

Tasuku made the important point that Keita has already been talking to girls normally, like Chiaki and Aguri (to Tasuku's misgivings), but most imporatantly Karen. He should just ask her out already.

Ah. Good to know. Chiaki isn't into Boys' Love.

So, things didn't really progress this week, except that Tasuku knows how much Keita and Chiaki already "know" each other from their gamer lives. That revelation to each other is going to be satisfying. Karen is still preoccupied with Keita and getting worse at games. But now Aguri is spending time with Keita to get her relationship with Tasuku back on track. Uh, how about just spending time with Tasuku? This is pure romance comedy!

Both Karen and Chiaki are in the end card this week. It's still Summer, so they're still wearing bikinis. I have a feeling Aguri is going to show up next week. Let's see how that plays out.

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