Friday, July 28, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - Shingeki no Bahamut - Virgin Soul - Episode 17 - Nina Breaks the Surface

Lots of breakthroughs and disguises in this episode. Nina learned how to control her dragon form after her first kiss while dressed as a sexy demon!

The whole gang's about to get back together but they have to hide out. Rita and Nina as sexy devils is one way to hide in plain sight. And can I complain about the lack of cheesecake shots for Sofiel? Oh, that prissy angel's name is Ridwan, in case you were curious.

Nina and Charioce got to go on another "date." We learned that the king's real name is Chris and he misses his mother the exiled concubine. Nina and Chris both wore disguises.

Nina's first kiss proved her first love and fixed her blushing dragon explosion. This looks like we've set up the tragic love story flags quite nicely now.

Sexy blue-haired Nina demon features in the end card. Oh, one thing that Nina needs to learn is how to keep her clothes with her when she switches back and forth from dragon mode. For her sake, not the audience's, mind you.

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