Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - New Game!! - Episode 3 - Umiko Unleashes Dekopin on Shizuku

Umiko warned Shizuku that she would get the dreaded forehead flicks if she changed the specs and Umiko always delivers.

The first part of the episode showed Hifumi battling her social anxiety when she goes clothes shopping. Just a nice bit of fanservice to get us rolling.

Aoba feels like she has to contribute on every little thing because she's the character designer, but she's only been a pro a year, so she needs to calm down. Hifumi explained this to her, but all that talking made her exhausted.

Nene and Umiko's stories got paired up as they programmed their respective games. Coders' experiences never really change no matter how long they've been programming.

Umiko is in the Matrix and the eye catch.

Shizuku finally explained to Umiko why Eagle Jump is full of cute young women: she only hires girls so cute that she'll tolerate their failures. This applies to Umiko too, you know.

Hifumi prepared a special lunch to make Aoba feel better, but Kou and Rin kind of ruined the order of things. Umiko doesn't get embarrassed by the hand feeding thing anymore, much to Shizuku's surprise. Nene has been helping in that regard.

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