Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - New Game!! - Episode 1 - Hazuki Takes Picture of Hifumi

Shizuku just had to take a picture of Hifumi smiling cutely. It's a rare treasure!

It's Aoba's next year at the software company and while she's shocked she won't be getting any junior employees to mentor, she's more shocked that she's no longer shocked at some of the things she sees every day. Like Yagami's panties.

The other employees, like Hajime and Hifumi, offer up their hopes for what kind of genre their next game is going to be. Shizuku has almost made a decision, but she's more concerned about Hifumi's facial expressions softening over the last year.

Nene, Aoba's friend in college, is still on the periphery and still Umiko's favorite. She might be even more involved with the company than just a quality control tester since she's been taking up programming.

I agree with Shizuku. The focus on this show should be on Hifumi's soft features. Soujiro agrees too!

The company has these exit type interviews every year where everyone gets to bring up human resource topics, like skill or project goals. Aoba asked the question we all want to know: why is company women only? Basically, it's because Rin needs to make sure a man never takes her Kou-chan away. Hifumi just wants to get over her social anxiety. Do your best!

Because it's Spring, that means it's also time for cherry blossom viewing. The company held their own party and the usual yuri undertone jokes got applied to the situation.

Shizuku made an announcement that they've decided on the next project, but they need to have a character design contest to drive the direction of the key art. Aoba feels she has a chance to follow in her hero Yagami's footsteps. This also means we have our own "key art" as it were to drive the direction of the new season. Banzai!

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