Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - Hajimete no Gal - Episode 3 - Ranko Steals a Fry

Ranko doesn't Yukana giving her fries away to Junichi, literally or figuratively.

Junichi got a love letter and his pathetic friends convinced him he should go see answer the confession, even if it might make Yukana mad. Their story was that Yukana would be mad if he didn't go, but it was really just so they could get his harem leftovers.

Yukana's friend Ranko, a "black gal" or "tan gal," issued the challenge letter to ruin Junichi's virginity and maybe his relationship with Yukana. She played it off as a jocular way of introducing herself when Yukana found them together.

Ranko and Yukana are very close friends. According to Ranko, Yukana has bigger boobs...

Junichi went on a date with Yukana and Ranko. Of course it always ends with clothes shopping. Junichi used his fantasies to decide which outfits would look better on Yukana, but she got a little pouty when she noticed he only noticed her chest. You can't really blame him, you know.

Ranko tried to ruin Junichi one more time, even ripping open his cherry T-shirt. Not too subtle on the symbolism here. Also, dry humping was a little too much for the censors since the first episode was just a "fantasy" while this is "real life."

Yukana was mainly mad that Ranko got to enter Junichi's house before she did. Thankfully for Ranko, she didn't hear about how she didn't want to give her away to a boy.

It's Ranko's turn for the end card. So flirty.

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