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10 Second Anime - Shingeki no Kyojin S2 - Episode 36

The Scouts chase after Eren, Christa, and the other Titans. Commander Erwin executes an audacious rescue plan.

Episode 36 - "Charge"


The plot for this episode is that the cavalry chases after the escaping Titans, Erwin comes at them with a bunch of Titans chasing behind him, and Mikasa reunites with Eren. Strangely enough, with all the running and violent chaos, there was plenty of time for chit chat between Christa and Ymir and the young cadets with Bertholdt.

The Ymir and Christa exchange was believable in happening since Reiner had just started running away, but all the quiet conversation between the cadets and Bertholdt and Armin's psychological gambit should not have been possible. Ah well, the kids needed to have some sort of scene to make sense of Reiner's and Bertholdt's treachery. It only seems old to the audience because we had two episodes' worth of that kind of stuff with Eren. It was good for the kids in the story, but not so much for the viewers.

Erwin is all kinds of crazy like a monster. They have no weapons to stop the rampaging Armored Titan, but they do have a whole bunch of Titans chasing after them. They don't discriminate. Although, we know that Bertholdt and Reiner can get attacked by them, but does Erwin know that? I'm not sure that's been established. They obviously went after Ymir. Lots of variables at play here.

Mikasa is in full Valkyrie mode. She's not going to hesitate in slashing Bertholdt and Reiner this time.

Whoa. The Ymir pilot popped out of the Ymir Titan. Can they do that?

Ymir isn't making much sense in trying to convince Christa to join her outside the walls. Christa pointed this out by saying that Titans won't be bullying her or talking behind her back because they'd be too busy trying to eat her! Ymir said that everyone has a fault or two. Ha! What the hell is she saying?

Christa knows how to tug on Ymir's emotions too.

Ah. Ymir admitted to the bargain she made with Reiner. They really want Historia and Ymir saw her chance at being with her while staying alive.

Ymir said she stole the power of the Titans from a friend. This wasn't shown in her flashback. What is she referring to here?

This is an ugly situation with ugly people and monsters, yet the scenery is so beautiful.

By the time Eren woke up, Ymir is actively batting away Scouts and Christa appears to have agreed to continue with the escaping Titans.

So, is Bertholdt the monster, or Mikasa? We know the answer.

That's a nice line from Mikasa. She only has so many lives to care about now and it's because of those two people running away with Ymir. Oh, and Ymir is not one of those lives, which should be clear to Christa.

All the cadets landed on Reiner and just had themselves a recrimination party. Do they really have time for this?

Well, that eye catch just told me that some Titans have special powers. I guess Eren is going to have a special power...

All those Titans just dogpiled Reiner and Erwin told everyone to rush into that chaos and save Eren. That's just crazy talk. Of course, Mikasa is the first to rush in.

Erwin is all in on the idea that humanity needs Eren to survive. We kind of guessed it from the first season, but he always seemed more calculating in using Eren to ferret out the enemies within the Walls too. He may have solidified his opinion after Eren's battle with Annie.

Jeez! Not Erwin too! And he's still giving orders with his arm stuck in a Titan's mouth!

Armin is going to be one of those scary psychological interrogators, isn't he? Just look at that creepy smile he got when he figured out Bertholdt's crush on Annie. And he just flat out lied about her being tortured. She's stuck in that hard crystal stuff. Nobody can hurt her, but Bertholdt doesn't know that.

This very quiet exchange would be totally impossible with all those other Titans grappling with Reiner. But it was very dramatic, yes?

Oh man! It wasn't Mikasa who got to Eren first. It was Erwin! With one arm!

Sasha just wants to go home and eat. Let's go home and eat, Christa!

Well, things aren't over yet. Ymir is following Christa, but is she going to go back to escaping with Bertholdt and Reiner? Reiner just knocked over a bunch of Scouts because he's throwing Titans around like boulders. And that particular Titan that ate Eren and Mikasa's mother just showed up. That's a nice cliffhanger for the season finale.

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