Thursday, May 18, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - Renai Boukun - Episode 7 - Guri's Festival Yukata

Guri doesn't need a bag or a changing room to enjoy herself at the local festival. Poof! Right into her yukata.

Seiji didn't want Guri to stab herself in the heart to see what "heartache" feels like. Yuzu and Akane didn't appear to know that Guri, part of their love polygon, actually lives with Seiji.

The drama in the first half of the episode was that Guri didn't know what being in love felt like, and ended up being picked up by a shady ikkemen. She ended up at the same festival as the others, like the original plan called for.

The cliffhanger plot dealt with Akane's role in the family and how her mother wants to enforce a "no falling in love" rule.

They finally showed us how Akane got so yandere in love with Seiji. No wonder he didn't know how Akane ever felt because he was blinded by cat scratches at the time.

Akane's mother has sent thugs to kill Seiji, which isn't going to work on an immortal. Akua and even Shikimi want to help him break Akane out of the prison and torture or whatever that her mother put her into.

The end card reimagines Akane and Seiji through a shoujo manga filter.

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