Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - Masou Gakuen HxH - SP 6 [BD] - Reiri Drinks Sake

The last Blu-ray special gave us the very special onsen episode, where every single female character got naked. Reiri needed a drink after seeing all that young flesh.

Kizuna was born ready to be the only man among all those naked attractive young women. You better get ready too, for what the girls have to show you.


I can't believe they packed this much nudity into only 4 minutes. Scratch that. This was a sci-fi magical girl anime where the special weapon was a mobile love room and the harem king's role was to get the girls sexually aroused. Of course they would have such NSFW quality.

We didn't dwell too much on the three main girls since they each had their own specials already. At least At least they all had better nudity in this one, since Yurishia and Hayuru didn't have any, and Aine's was incidental to the ninja role-playing she did with Kizuna. Oh, I guess Scarlet can just jump right in there with Yurishia.

The American group The Master, which Yurishia came from, heard how the natural spring water was good for the skin, so, of course, they all stayed too long in the hot water.

The pettankos Ragres and Sylvia had an onsen détente of sorts. Obviously it was one-sided on Ragres' part because Sylvia is a good girl.

The Vatlanteans joined in too, with Nayuta trying to find some advantage to the hot springs' effect on making skin look great. Varde immediately took to rubbing the water into her, uh, skin, and after Zelshione tried it, the rest of the Vatlanteans got into all that skin rubbing. Aldea and Grabel were into rubbing skin too, but I don't think it had anything to do with the spring water...

Momo and the engineers were there too! They were more interested in water pistol technology than the health benefits of good skin. I'm so glad to see them out of their coveralls...

The school's adult staff were there too, with Reiri getting drunk with the homeroom teacher. I remember thinking that Sensei had to show that body at some point. Banzai! Shikina plays with her data instead of with others. Hard to draw KizunaXReiri wincest doujins in a hot spring... And when all the girls were just about overheated in one way or another, it was time for the McFluffer to make his entrance.

Kizuna styled himself the director (of what kind of movie?) and when he called action, the girls and their breasts followed!

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