Sunday, May 07, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - Hinako Note - Episode 5 - Hinako Spins Around Mayu and Chiaki

Hinako learned that her years of maintaining scarecrow posture have given her amazing balance when she sticks her arms out like that.

Yua is still envious of Hinako's closeness with Chiaki. Even more so now that Hinako borrowed Chiaki's theater practice outfit that fits her so well in all the right places.

It's getting pretty obvious why Ruriko and Chiaki favor Hinako so much. Yua can't stay mad at Chiaki when she's just so awesome.

Dusting the bookstore led us to pure cute girls do cute things as our theater troupe tried to mimic animal behavior. Yes, Chiaki made that kitten and puppy play extremely erotic...

Chiaki suggests Hinako learn how to dance from Mayu. It turns out that Mayu has only learned to dance so she can dance with her Prince, whoever that will be. She better work fast with Hinako, otherwise all her Princes will be taken out in a Battle Royale.

Yua couldn't take any more of Hinako's floundering. Actually she was inspired by her perseverance, but she would never admit it to Hinako.

My goodness! These end cards never quit. That beach or pool episode with Chiaki better hurry up!

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