Sunday, April 09, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - Shingeki no Bahamut - Virgin Soul - Episode 1 - Nina Closer Look

Nina Drango, our heroine, takes a closer look at a mural explaining what's happened in the 10 years since Amira faced Bahamut.

Nina is a happy genki girl who loves to eat and is very strong.

Nina is also very bashful, demonstrating her maiden heart. Her maiden heart can also be viewed as a... Virgin Soul. This becomes important later.

Nina came to the rebuilt capital city to be a bounty hunter and send money back to her village, which was heavily damaged during the Rage of Bahamut 10 years ago. She's still learning...

That hot blushing of Nina's can go way too far. It turns her into a Red Dragon! Amira was a half demon and angel. I like the progression that the next chapter gives us a dragon girl.

Our cast from 10 years ago is still around. Kaisar doesn't appear to like what Charioce the king has been doing with the leftover demons. Bacchus and Hamsa are still bounty contractors. Azazel the Fallen Angel made Nina's blush go red hot. And Rita the Zombie greeted Nina in the aftermath of her dragon freakout. Distinct lack of Favarooooo! But I'm sure his absence is a key plot point with Kaisar's unease with how King Charioce is running things.

Can Bahamut capture lightning in a bottle twice? This first episode looks like they've opened the lid and are chasing sparks, which is a good sign.

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