Thursday, April 27, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - Saekano S2 - Episode 3 - Tomoya Dramatically Points at Izumi

Tomoya understood why her brother would actively compete against their game creation, but he wanted to know why Izumi joined him.

Eriri didn't like all the compliments he was giving Izumi as he argued against her participation in a doujin game circle.

I think the audience can pick up on why Eriri doesn't like Izumi...

Izumi wanted to challenge Eriri as an artist for some reason. Their "fight" may have been dramatic from their perspective, but it really wasn't. Megumi's inclusion in this whole scene was a welcome reality intrusion into the fantasy elements everyone else wanted to include in their not-so-fateful meeting.

Yasss! Michiru showed up way before the second half of the season. Still choke-holding Tomoya for "sleeping around."

Tomoya took full advantage of Michiru's band Icy Tail being an anime cosplay band that tricked her into joining.

The girls didn't really want to help Tomoya code the plot into their game, but when they found out Echika had a date, they made sure Echika stayed and helped them.

Gotta have a coding party montage! Michiru, the only non-geek (Megumi has pretty much gone to the dark side already) helped by playing music for them and stealing their snacks.

The all-nighter wiped Icy Tail out, but they got the game working well enough to see how Utaha's story really played.

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