Monday, April 24, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - Boku no Hero Academia - Episode 17 - Deku Joyful Tears

Deku was so happy that his friend Ochako actually offered to be his teammate after so many shunned him because of his super high bounty for the next event.

Mount Lady doesn't care for second-hand smoke so much. R-Rated Hero Midnight showed great excitement for the Cavalry Team event. She was also very lax in enforcing the rules.

Ochako shined brightly in her loyalty to Deku. He was heart-struck and deeply moved by the gesture. I liked his face because it may be the first "manly" face he made in the show and it was for a girl!

Mei of the Support Track sure was pushy in teaming up with Deku to show off her technological "babies."

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