Friday, March 03, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - Urara Meirochou - Episode 9 - Nina-Sensei Distraught

Nina-sensei acted so worried about the bad news brought by a special visitor. What could she do about this frightful prophecy?

Kon's mother Tokie came to visit. We can see where Kon's serious nature comes from.

If Chiya was going to accompany Tokie back to her tea house, she better dress respectably. In this case, just like Kon!

Chiya thinks of her friends as if they were animals. Koume is a cat, Nono is a tanuki and Kon is a fox. Of course!

The frightful prophecy Tokie brought to the tea house was a calamity facing Nono. No wonder Nina-Sensei lost control if she was worried about her little sister.

Ah. Tokie's recital of all the Urara rules should have been a hint that she was used to giving tests. Nina was so proud of her acting too! Eh, drink a little bit more, Nina-Sensei.

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