Sunday, March 12, 2017

Finds from the Grind - The Saint Katherine Descent

This is the short but steep descent from Sacred Heart Academy down to Figueroa and Chevy Chase. This course is also one of my favorite descents because of all the deep bends and the hairpin curve at the bottom. It's so satisfying to get the speed and the lean just right so it doesn't feel like you had to slam the brakes to make it around that steep drop-off. This climb is not one of my favorites because of how steep it is at the bottom. My legs get fried at the beginning and they never have time to rest and recover until the plateau at the top.

Since I'm still in my "fat and slow" phase, but slowly increasing power, the speeds I go down these things show that in-between phase I'm in. This week, on the nearby Lida descent, after only a week, I've put in my 5 all-time personal records already. The top 5 of the top 10 are all from 2017. Hilarious. Likewise for the St. Katherine descent, all 4 times I've gone down it this year have been in my top 10 speed records. I'll have to see if I can beat these times again once I've lost the 7 pounds of Winter weight.

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