Thursday, February 23, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - Kizumonogatari - Episode 2 [BD] - Hanekawa Suddenly Shy

It didn't happen much after this week when they first met, but Araragi used to make Hanekawa's heart flutter and fluster her in amazingly cute ways.

The 2nd movie is all about Araragi defeating the three vampire hunters to gain back Heart-Under-Blade's limbs. Hanekawa kept showing interest in Araragi, but he tried to drive her away because of his new monster nature and having to deal with other monsters.

His first battle ended well, only because he studied a book on baseball instead of Aikido.

Hanekawa saw the fight and realized why Araragi was being so mean. She offered to show her panties, and more, so he would accept her help, but for Araragi, the panties were enough.

When we got to the TV shows, it was already Heart-Under-Blade's thing to just eat monsters to eradicate them. Eating was just how she solved her problems. In the timeline of this movie, it was the first time Araragi saw how good Shinobu was at "eating" things.

Heart-Under-Blade took back her leg and then she got a little bigger. She's gone from a grade schooler to a middle schooler. Having sisters the same age made him all excited to see a new one.

This one week vacation dealing with vampires was when Hanekawa and Araragi fell in love. Really in love. I'm really curious to see how this budding romance got changed into something he had to leave behind before he met Senjougahara. Yes, Hanekawa realized it was her fault he had to go buy an ecchi mag because she showed her panties and flirted with him the afternoon before.

After we saw how Episode the half-vampire fights, we now know why Araragi hates him so much. He almost killed an innocent human girl in Hanekawa. But her analysis of how Episode works let Araragi defeat him and get Heart-Under-Blade her other leg. She went from middle schooler to high schooler. She's almost back to her adult form!

Hanekawa and Araragi's last visit before his last fight established all the stakes necessary for the hopes dashed in a tragic fall. With each fight, Araragi had to give up more and more of his humanity to win and to save Hanekawa's life. Not even the courage of her loaned out panties could prevent her from being kidnapped and setting up the cliffhanger for the 3rd movie. What happens in that part of the story closes forever whatever loving relationship they could have had. It's a bittersweet anticipation to see how it all unfolded.


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    1. The latest one on Nyaa "...Nekketsu Hen v2..." with all the comments is good. I saw only one typo (your instead of you're), which is very good considering all the yapping that goes on.

    2. That was dropped 12/24, so it's been two months already. The next one already aired in Japan in January and it's coming to theaters in America in April. I couldn't wait any longer.

  2. poster said it's a translation of the light novel imposed over it, timed ok, so i ignored that one, especially after 50 comments of flame wars about that.

    1. Yeah, that's just the .ass file, so that's no good. The one you want is the mux of that file with the video it was timed with, the 4.22 GB size one.

    2. kept waiting for commie or the others. oh well.

    3. They're only good for translating the credits song. Also, the subs here don't include the preview for the next movie, but big deal on that.