Monday, February 20, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - Gabriel DropOut - Episode 7 - Vignette Pouts

Vignette was happy at first that her friends came over to visit while she was sick. Then she realized they came over just to play in her apartment.

This episode focused on Vignette, the saintly devil none of her friends deserve. What better way to start off her star vehicle than by comparing how she spends a day off to how Gabriel does.

Vignette found out her stipend from Hell keeps getting cut because she's not acting very evil. Asking Raphiel for advice was only her first mistake. She also learned she can't make embarrassing evil speeches like Satania can.

The Master at the coffeehouse even tried to help Vignette act evil. Too bad his ideas for bad schoolgirls were woefully outdated.

Vignette thought she was ready to be evil with her evil ideas. Her tie was loose and she was wearing leg warmers. She's a bad girl! Gab didn't appear to notice...

Vignette tried being evil in class by not taking notes and paying attention. Gab was not impressed or even understood that it was a bad thing to do. At least Satania picked up on Vignette's bad girl attire.

Vignette ended up kicking all her friends out after they bothered her while she was sick. She tried counting animals to get back to sleep, but after starting out with Cerberus, she eventually started counting lazy Gabriels. They were too lazy to even jump over the fence...

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