Monday, February 13, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - Gabriel DropOut - Episode 6 - Satania's Devil Python

Why Hell's Shopping Network thinks a magical laughing spell should be shot out of a Magumn .44 is anybody's guess, but Satania would answer, "because it looks hella cool!"

Satania thought she had finally won a round against Gab, but Gab turned it around on her again. As expected...

Satania insisted on another round of some kind of contest. Raphiel suddenly appeared to suggest a game of Shogi.

New character, the class rep, got roped into helping Satania draw a classmate's portrait. Satania quickly lost inspiration in anything without a "hella cool" pose.

Suddenly, it's Halloween. Satania is most interested in performing the "tricks" part instead of getting treats. Vignette and Raphiel insist on Gab putting on a costume too.

The other girls' costumes were age appropriate, a pumpkin princess, a high schoolgirl witch, a high schoolgirl vampire, but they played their "trick" on Gab with the Cat's Pajamas.

Vignette and Raphiel loved how cute Gab looked in that outfit.

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