Friday, January 06, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - Schoolgirl Strikers - Animation Channel - Episode 1 - Altair Torte Launch

Techno-magical girls jump into a parallel dimension to fight alien intruders. Yes, another of those kind of shows, complete with panty shots.

First Thoughts.

I didn't want to like this show. The magical girls fighting aliens only they can fight concept is so formulaic that the only things that make a show in that genre great are good character designs and music. This show doesn't have those things. It doesn't even have great acting, but... it's well-drawn and the supporting characters around the main group are hot. HOT! So, maybe I'll treat this show like that Matoi show last season where I only paid attention when my favorite girls came on screen.

Io, Girl Number 1

Io is one of the main five. A volleyball ace, she's also calm, stacked and is cutely afraid of ghosts.

Yukako-Sensei, Hnnnggg!

I thought Ms. Yukako the homeroom teacher was going to be the only eye candy for me in this show. "Only," I say. She's way more than enough.

Generic Fanservice.

This show treats panty shots as the normal thing that would happen if an active girl in a short skirt happens to run and jump. It's just there. That's pretty refreshing. Of course, the girls like to talk to each other in the shower too.

Yawning cat. Bonus points for this flat, cliché-riddled show.

The Veterans.

Coconut Vega (all the 5-girl groups have desserts and huge stars in their names) is what made me stick all the way to end of the episode. Yowza!

Procyon Pudding and Coconut Vega were the only girls to actually dispatch the dimensional aliens. Our main five girls, Altair Torte, are rookies who have yet to defeat one. Something to look forward to, I guess.

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