Thursday, January 26, 2017

10 Second Anime - Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon - Episode 3

Kobayashi and her dragon friends move to a bigger apartment. Touru's other dragon friends come over for a party.

Episode 3 - "The Start of a New Life! (That Doesn't Go Well, Of Course)"


All that happened this week was that Kobayashi and the dragons moved to a new apartment, met their new noisy neighbors and invited Fafnir and Lucoa (the dragon voices we heard on the phone in the first episode) to a party. But when you have such interesting characters in a gag slice of life comedy, all you need to do is insert those funny characters in those situations and let the jokes and character development happen.

It's hard to move around in a one bedroom apartment with three people in it.

Touru's big boobs just keep getting in the way...

Time to move! The three different places seemed all the same to Kobayashi.

Why were Touru and Kanna fighting in the last place? Acting like bored children and beginning to roughhouse?

I liked that Kobayashi picked the last place because of its access to the roof. She didn't particularly care, but the dragons loved being able to see the sky.

They're starting to act like a family, where Kobayashi made a big decision for Touru's and Kanna's sake, not necessarily her own.

Once they knew where they were going, it was time to clean and pack up the apartment, which meant it was a great time for all sorts of gags to happen.

Digging around in people's closets and cabinets is a great way to get to know them better. Things like whether dragons need tootbrushes, looking through old manga and photo albums, playing with boxes...

I liked how crafty Kobayashi can be to rationalize her messiness. It's to show her love for Touru so she can be her maid and pick up after her! What else it could it be? Touru swoons...

Aw. Isn't Kanna the cutest little girl... dragon! Fascinated by a butterfly and then gulp! Ha! These little scenes were great and the transition interstitial gives me a real Acchi Kocchi vibe.

This is Kobayashi the Maid Otaku we're talking about, so it only made sense that she would have a real maid uniform somewhere.

Touru's outfit is maid cosplay, not maid uniform! There's a big difference!

Touru's boobs make for Kobayashi's continuing consternation.

Is Touru really a D-Cup? D is for Dragon!

Time for one last drink and then to suddenly remember you packed all the towels and clothes...

Kobayashi had her priorities right. One bedroom for her. One room for the computer and media hobbies. And one room for the dragons. They like that bed a lot!

Ha! Touru was so happy to get hosed down in her native dragon form.

It's such an understandable mistake to make. Kobayashi was on autopilot getting home from a stressful day at work, she just went to her old place instead of the new place.

You got to meet the new neighbors. Loud cook, heavy metal and gorilla drill.

The loud cook must be using a food processor to chop her vegetables.

Heavy metal dude is about what you'd expect.

Gorilla drill is surprisingly talented. Just loud.

No killing, Touru!

We've seen all these people before, plus the ones in the market place because they're spinning through the sky in the opening credits.

Touru said that dragons are used to living alone in far away places, so dealing with neighbors is a new thing for her.

The joke for the whole vignette: Touru grinds her teeth while napping! And she's louder than any of the neighbors.

Kanna had to make adjustments too. She needed to find her new favorite napping spot. Of course, it turned out to be her old favorite napping spot. Nothing can beat Touru's lap.

The moe is strong with this one... Who needs to listen to the adults make party plans, anyway?

I have been waiting for this! Time to meet the Touru's other dragon friends!

Haha! With all these maids around, there had to be a butler, right? And Fafnir took on the form of Black Butler! Perfect! He didn't keep repeating things about killing humans this time around.

And there is no way a gentle older sister "ara ara ma ma" voice should be coming out of the face of a girl wearing a trucker hat and booty shorts. There has to be a funny story behind this get-up.

Quetzalcoatl thankfully shortens her name to Lucoa for the lazy tongued Japanese.

Let's just appreciate the beauteous bounty of Lucoa, here. She is definitely not a D-Cup for Dragon!

She's got two different colored eyes. I wonder if this is a nod to one of the myths about Quetzalcoatl that he was a man before he became a god. In that version of the Aztec deity, there was one occasion he became drunk and accidentally lay with his sister. That explains the embarrassing story Touru almost told about Lucoa.

Kobayashi called her outfit "kind of slutty." She's not wrong.

Lucoa, despite how she dresses, acts and sounds like the gentle big sister type. She's happy that Touru is smiling more and Kobayashi admits that she's beginning to smile more too. D'awww!

Confirmed: dragons like videogames. Fafnir got totally hooked on a dungeon crawler going after treasure chests. Touru and Kanna like a driving game. I think it's because it reminds them of flying.

So, it's not just maids, but butlers that Takiya and Kobayashi drunkenly argue about. Duly noted. Fafnir better get used to that.

Alright, we're just missing one dragon. Hopefully we see her next episode.


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    1. When they added those yellow interstitials with the symbols last episode, I knew it was going to be Acchi Kocchi with dragons. It's great!