Thursday, December 01, 2016

Omake Gif Anime - Keijo!!!!!!!! - Episode 9 - Kotone Catches Sayaka

Kotone shows Sayaka that those suit grabbing techniques are also for teamwork during a race.

The first race has the opposing teams feeling each other out. Nami and the Suruga Team are confident they can beat Sayaka and Setouchi Team. Sayaka feels the need to display her new skills.

Mio can afford to give advice because she can easily handle the Fuyuzora twins with her yuri-tastic Queen of Hip rub-a-dub-dub moves.

While Sayaka recovered, Kotone unleashed the three-headed True Cerberus on Nami. The heads are apparently attacks from her butt (which we've seen before), boobs and hips. I feel better knowing that now. Unfortunately, Nami wore Kotone down and made her fall.

Sayaka knew it was time to go all out. I had no idea the ultimate wedgie meant ripping the crotch out of a bikini bottom... Wasn't she worried about the spectators looking at her from below?

Sayaka's super fast mode from crotchless panties worked until her stamina gave out. Then it was Nami's turn to use her synesthesia to defend against conventional moves and wear down Sayaka.

Meanwhile, Mio easily handled the Fuyuzora Twins Kaho and Akari by rubbing their sensitive crotches and boobs. Mio is dangerous...

Sayaka's years of mastering judo gave her a tough fighting spirit and a way to throw other Keijo girls with just her hard nipples! Nami couldn't tell where Sayaka's attack was coming from because a judo throw uses the opponent's force instead of any generated by the attacker. Total loss for Nami.

Setouchi won the first round. Mio didn't break a sweat. Sayaka's dad accepted her path away from judo. And somehow the jumbotron captured Sayaka at a perfectly PG-13 angle from below her de facto loin cloth.

Cat girl Rin gets a little nervous of Kotone's dog head butt in the End Card this week.

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