Thursday, December 08, 2016

Omake Gif Anime - Keijo!!!!!!!! - Episode 10 - Kazane Happy to Touch Butts

It was Kazane's time to shine, but she needed preparation first. Like her friends offering their butts, er, fighting techniques to her special hand.

The group chosen to run the second race didn't inspire confidence before the start. That underestimation played into Seitouchi's hands, though.

Kazane the master strategist maneuvered two of their opponents off the platform, but the two remaining fighters, Sanae and Ayase of the Fairy Butt, were strong enough to deal with a numbers disadvantage. Atsuko the hard ass lost again... And it was the first time a "hot ass" joke was made thanks to a friction-powered attack.

Kazane hit upon a strategy to take on Sanae, the tougher fighter of the remaining Suruga girls. But, she had to rely on her friends, literally, because they let her find out all their butt-related secrets to copy their fighting techniques.

And then Kazane became Gilgamesh from the Fate Series. She called down her friends' asses and used their techniques with a firm slap of her cheek. Let's ignore the glory hole imagery, mmkay? Kazane called this technique "Hip of Babylon," as if to further cement the homage to the haughty Archer Class Champion.

Suruga doesn't come by their reputation cheaply. Sanae brought out her upper body attack, the "Pai Pile Piper," which is a kind of titty-twister drill technique.

Kazane was not alone, though. Her strategy of tiring out Ayase's Fairy Butt paid off, but Usagi had to sacrifice herself to knock her off. I don't know what Non's 1.6 Kilo Boob Napalm attack references.

It all came down to Kazane's borrowed Boob Dunk (from Miku-sensei) against Sanae's Left Pai Pile Piper after Non tipped the platform as she fell off to jostle Sanae into releasing her Right Pai Pile Piper. The two last fighter knocked each other off, but Sanae was declared the victor on the video replay because she touched the water last. Suruga evened the match up 1-1. The last race decides the bragging rights for the East-West War!

Here are some Elite Class girls climbing the stairs into a Keijo stadium. We barely saw any of Murata, but plenty of Atsuko and Usagi. Will that last shorty be part of the final team?

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