Thursday, November 03, 2016

Omake Gif Anime - Keijo!!!!!!!! - Episode 5 - Kotone vs Nozomi

Nozomi faced the 5th Elite Hip Whip Girl Kotone Fujisaki. It was Vacuum Butt Cannon vs. Full Power Cerberus!

Nozomi was looking forward to how she competed without that restrictive suit. Kotone is the fujoshi of the show and sees BL scenes everywhere, even in the clouds. Lucky for her, her butt attacks are based on her reflexes and lower body sensitivity.

I thought Cerberus had three heads... Kotone wanted to get back to her BL anime quickly, but Nozomi's strengthened body meant she would have to concentrate to win the match.

Nozomi didn't make things easy for Kotone, using her gymnastics skills to confound her reflexes, her vibrating hips to confuse her sensitive lower body nerves and finally her Vacuum Butt Cannon to defeat her.

Three of the girls thought they were in trouble at the end of the test. Nozomi thought using the Butt Cannon would get her a spanking (it didn't). Mio did get in trouble for using her Breast Hypnosis because she was only supposed to use it against girls who had seen it before. And Kazane thought she was going home because she lost. Instead, the entire Room 309 got elevated to the Elite Class. They get to have ice cream for breakfast too!

Since we saw Hanabi fight in the first episode, she didn't have much to do during the exams. Lolling around in bed is a good use of her time.

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