Saturday, November 19, 2016

10 Second Anime - Bungou Stray Dogs - Episode 20

The Guild attacks the city as Atsushi escapes to stop their larger plan behind the destruction.

Episode 20 - "Though the Head May Err"


I have to ask: is the author of Bungou Stray Dogs making fun of Louisa May Alcott's writing style? The one in the story appears to be a nerdy unconfident girl who writes overly complicated and wordy contingency plans. Let's never mind that Francis follows them to the letter, but I would like to know if this dry reporting of detail is a manifestation of her power Little Women and if we're also seeing a critique on this dryness.

Now we know why Francis didn't care about his yacht getting destroyed and why he wasn't there at the time. He was on Moby Dick, Herman Melville's manifestation of his White Whale power.

Kyouka had been hiding out on her own for a few days. Her training as an assassin would serve her well and it allowed for a pretty obvious discussion of the darkness within her and how working fort he Agency gave her hope to work in the Light. It didn't advance the plot very well, since Atsushi got captured again (damn that wordy Louisa), but it's an easy way to touch on a theme to keep Kyouka on her redemption arc.

Nathaniel decided to leave the Guild for Margaret's sake and this action panicked Francis into using the emergency plan to burn down Yokohama. Is this a reference to the Great Gatsby and his compulsion to keep his possessions, including people, close to him?

Why is Mark Twain a sniper? Is it because Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer were adept with their rifles?

Ha! Good luck trying to make Lovecraft go mad through mind control, Q. Not feeling much sympathy for Q and how John Steinbeck trussed him up to combine their powers to control anyone who hurt a plant.

I knew Lucy joining Atsushi's harem was going to be a big deal!

Apparently, Atsushi had been captured for a week and the Gifted Special Ops Division was neutralized during this time. How? The last we saw was Ango and Dazai getting t-boned in a car. I suppose Dazai, with his arm in a sling, is going to tell us what's been going on.

It's a thing for Bungou Stray Dogs to make their versions of the authors spout their famous lines. They made it obvious with Atsushi quoting a line from his book Light, Wind and Dreams. I'd like to know if they made John Steinbeck quote one of his works with his line, "There is a God. He just doesn't love you." Sounds like it came right out of Grapes of Wrath, right?

After watching Naruto talking with Kurama for so many years, I wasn't that moved by Atsushi's rapprochement with his inner tiger. It's a necessary thing for him and not just to get him safely to the ground after jumping from Moby Dick.

Louisa isn't the only one making intricate plans. Dazai knew just where to put those smoke bombs to help Atsushi evade Mark Twain's sniper fire.

Not so surprisingly, the big deal for the Guild is searching for a book. A book so important they planned on burning down Yokohama. Sheesh.

I had thought that the Guild and the Port Mafia were going to team up against the Agency and the Special Ops Division, but Atsushi suggested a twist that's pretty fitting with Dazai's background. Since the Mafia was also trying to stop the carnage of the mind control, Atsushi knows that they're willing to save their town and team up with the Agency to do so. "The head may err, but never the blood." Atsushi said so, way back when.

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