Friday, October 14, 2016

Omake Gif Anime - Keijo!!!!!!!! - Episode 2 - Miku-sensei Hip Chalk Toss

All the instructors at the training school appear to be very capable former pros. Miku-sensei still has a very accurate hip toss.

The things I learn watching anime. American women's hip bones have a higher angle than Japanese women's. And now I know why American porn... er, jeans look different.

This fun game of bouncing a beachball was harder than it looked once the wind was factored in.

Nozomi found Kazane's special skill in reading the wind. She also found something special on Kazane's front side...

Sayaka, a backside connoisseur, noticed their training had already made improvements on Nozomi's posterior.

Kazane appeared to be worried about the thin material of their swimsuits. She had good reason to be worried.

Nagisa the Alluring Siren looks nothing like Ujibe-sensei now. As fat as she's become, she's still agile and still strong.

Some of the girls, like Non, have already started showing their special techniques and talents.

Nozomi discovered her Vacuum Butt Cannon. Any power that can blow a swimsuit to smithereens is necessary for an ecchi show. Dress Break! Oh, wait. That's some other show.

Neat. I hope we get to meet all the students at the Keijo training school.

Maybe Sayaka will have a special butt move too. That sounded dirty...

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