Monday, September 12, 2016

Omake Gif Anime - New Game! - Episode 11 - Rin Takes Pictures of Yagami

Rin gets to dress Yagami up for her PR photoshoot and she gets first dibs on the preciousness.

The game company has a big presentation for their new game at the trade show, which the trade partners get to go to before the weekend. Yes, you should see where that working QR code takes you!

Nene as a part-timer can't go to the show. Besides, her QA department is in total crunch time before the game's release.

Hifumi is a popular cosplayer at these events, even before it's open to the general public.

Aoba forgot to pick up her winter suit from the dry cleaner's, so she had to pick out a business casual ensemble. It's harder than it sounds!

Yagami congratulated Aoba on having her first bit of character artwork published in a magazine.

Yagami really hates dressing up the for the photoshoots when a new game is about to be published.

Rin makes Yagami a live dress-up doll for these things. This the reason why Aoba didn't recognize her when she first came to the office because she didn't look like her cutesy pictures.

Yagami is kawaii! Rin and Aoba say so!

Crunch time means prioritizing game stopping bugs. Nene was good at finding those.

Umiko lives on energy drinks, but she had never tried the super duper one. Apparently, it works!

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