Monday, September 12, 2016

Omake Gif Anime - Love Live! Sunshine!! - Episode 11 - You Salutes

You figured that if she was going to be swabbing the pool deck, she may as cosplay the part.

Ruby wished Riko good luck with her brand new catchphrase. "Ganba-ruby!"

Riko accepted the other girls' heartfelt wishes for her piano competition.

Dia's special training included doing student council chores. And carrying her special training whiteboard around with her.

Ruby and Hanamaru had trouble with the slippery pool floor.

Chika didn't need to see You's new costume.

Mari thought it was fun (or "funny!"), but Dia didn't think it was very practical.

A big wide empty space, thankfully clean and not slippery anymore, was a good chance for Aqours to practice their formations without Riko.

You was surprised that the other girls wanted her to be Riko's stand-in for their upcoming performance.

You and Chika appeared to click, but they kept bumping into each other because Chika had adjusted for Riko's stride.

Yohane the Fallen Angel should have better luck with convenience store prizes.

The first years are awfully curious, and sneaky, about You and Chika's continuing practice.

Riko called from Tokyo, but Hanamaru was too busy freaking out about the future.

Meanwhile, both Yoshiko and Ruby became really shy to talk to Riko. Riko got a little annoyed at the runaround.

It's just like Chika to use the most embarrassing picture she had of Riko as her personalized call screen.

It's always the job of the "biggest" third year, like Mari and Nozomi before her, to grope the younger girls.

You is much more capable target than the ones Mari usually teases. Mari is literally butthurt over her surprise attack.

Mari noticed You had been pensive lately and figured little flames of jealousy were sparking. Fiiire!

Mari likes to mix a little pain and tenderness with her tough love scolding.

You felt some guilt about joining other clubs when Chika was still obsessed with school idols.

Now, You doesn't want to get in between Chika and Riko's dynamic. Mari shook the stupid out of that notion.

Mari knows about not being honest with her best friends about her feelings. Take her advice, You.

The girls loved their color-coordinated wristbands from Riko.

You moped a bit about her conversation with Mari, but she needed to figure out how to tell Chika her feelings.

Ah, the wall slam confession doesn't really fit.

The shoujo manga confession isn't good either...

A You salute in a costume is almost there, but why a walrus?

Riko called You and reassured her that taking her place in the formation shouldn't mean adjusting her movements to match Riko's own.

You shed a tear because she had all these conflicting emotions, but Chika, while she may be a little dumb, she's also perceptive with impeccable timing. She got You back on track.

Aqours assemble! You too, Riko, at your piano recital!

Too bad there's only 8 of them together, but that ol' Love Live hands-in moment is going to happen.

Aqours! Sunshine!

The music and the dance moves referenced Riko's absence as she played piano at the same time.

And then we got to see the cute girls dancing cutely. Banzai!

Aqours ended their performance with that same piano move.

Riko's mom was proud of her daughter's performance.

All of the Aqours members, Riko included, raised their wristbands in solidarity.

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