Thursday, September 29, 2016

10 Second Anime - Naruto Shippuuden - Episode 476-477

Sasuke explains his vision of reshaping the shinobi world to Naruto. Naruto aims to stop Sasuke without killing him.

Episode 476 - "The Final Battle"

Episode 477 - "Naruto and Sasuke"


The epic rematch we've all been waiting for finally happened, and it was epic!

What you see above is only the beginning of each fighter's God Mode.

Sasuke started off the fight trying to keep Naruto from making hand signs to mold chakra as he used the hand sign Naruto was attempting to make with his opposite hand. Clever, but Naruto still had too much defense and inventive tactics to let a stray kill shot get him.

Then. Mayhem! Utter Devastation! Sasuke used his Rinnegan to fill his Susanoo with the chakra of all the captured tailed beasts but Naruto countered all that with a huge rush of Nature Energy.

After all that it came down to a brawl with neither giving up.

Geez, I think that was Naruto's tooth there!

It took Naruto to his most desperate moment to actually make a rasengan with one hand!

Man, Sasuke! You never let a Sage sit still long enough to gather Nature Energy, much less give Naruto room for his signature Unpredictable Ninja uppercut.

The last attack showed Naruto gathering extra chakra from all the friends he kept in his heart. In contrast, Sasuke could only use the last bit of chakra he stole from Kurama with his Rinnegan. Cliffhanger on that big blast just like the end of the Sasuke Rescue arc before the time skip. And in the same place too.


Sasuke's justifications for being the Shadow Hokage (kage means shadow anyway, so it does make sense in a way) meant that he would have to become an eternal angry god. Naruto was smart enough to ask how he could keep watch over all the ninja villages forever and Sasuke actually had an answer. With his Rinnegan, he could be immortal, plus their was reincarnation and all the reanimation jutsu and Orochimaru's body transfer. Sasuke definitely could live forever being the evil shadow.

As always in this story, Sasuke and Naruto make a pair of opposites. Where Naruto grew to value friendship and understanding because of his solitude growing up, Sasuke took the opposite lesson in needing to be alone to be Hokage. He wanted to be Hokage like Itachi was, shouldering hatred and keeping watch from the shadows. But first, he needed to be truly alone and that meant killing his only friend.

Sasuke's plot is one full of pride, just like the source of his reincarnation Indra, and what Madara was actually aiming for if he wasn't corrupted by the Black Zetsu. But it is all an illusion, because people are never alone. There will always be connections, whether they're regarded as good or bad.

On a note about the upcoming season, nertz! They're really going to milk the epilogue from the manga for a Fall Season goodbye. I guess I'm not done blogging about Naruto Shippuuden yet.

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