Sunday, June 12, 2016

Omake Gif Anime - Sansha Sanyou - Episode 10 - Hayama Shock

That is not the face of a happy surprise birthday recipient, Hayama!

Some friends. Both Futaba and Youko thought Hayama was a devil come to Earth on Christmas Day. Well, I guess true friends would stick by her no matter what.

No, Youko. You should not be so happy to call a surprise party "setting a trap."

Hoh. A kitty cake would be chou kawaii, right Hayama?

Nishiyama casually walks through the market flouncing her skirt.

It's cold and early in the morning. Cats and Cat-Lovers should be lounging in bed.

Somebody else cooking New Year's morning breakfast? Only a mother would do that, right Futaba?

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