Wednesday, June 08, 2016

10 Second Anime - Flying Witch - Episode 9

Inukai visits to read fortunes. Akane gets over jet lag. Nao comes over to see Makoto's farm.

Episode 9 - "The Day After Tomorrow is Today"


I think the title of the episode is some kind of idiom. Literally, it's "Tomorrow's tomorrow is now," but I think it's supposed to mean "The day after tomorrow always comes soon." That's fitting in the context of fortune telling.

A nod toward continuity.

We learned that Mrs. Kuramoto is a picture book author. This is important so that Chinatsu, the target demographic, can point out that the fox does not say "kon kon" like everybody thinks. Mrs. Kuramoto readily accepted that Chinatsu met a real one at the witch café.

Inukai tells Kei to study.

Inukai comes to visit to actually tell the fortune they paid for way back during the sakura viewing festival. As with so many things magical in this show, we saw that her fortune telling is just as flashy all the other witchcraft.

Al was a little too shy last time around, but he thought he had a chance to shine today.

Well, maybe not. Chito supposedly has outgrown chasing rodents. Al is not so sure.

Chinatsu is such a funny kid. She thought Inukai might have brought cookies because the dog in her mom's picture book did. No, Inukai does not say "wan wan" like a dog either.

The cousins are pretty well adjusted since they don't have any problems a fortune teller usually needs to hear to come up with something a customer would believe.

Yay! Pretty Inukai! Kei's quite the lady killer. Inukai got all shy when he said she was pretty too.

And just like all Healing Anime, a nice visit has to end. Chito had a nice visit, but I'm not sure Al did.

Goodby Pretty Inukai and Al-kun.

Akane sees young love.

Akane is all jet lagged and missed Inukai's visit. Still a vision of loveliness...

Oho! What's this? Kei is talking to a girl? Notice the red mark on her forehead from sleeping like the cats did with their heads buried on the floor.

When I first saw her behavior, I couldn't make out why she was saying, "hey, hey, hey" like an American sailor.

It wasn't until she closed the door and paused a beat with her eye on Nao that I figured it out. She thought Kei had a girlfriend!

Kei is always watching action movies.

I don't know if she was more disappointed in her wrong intuition, with Kei for not making a move on a cute girl, or with Nao for proving her wrong.

And she still did not say one word to Nao. How rude!

Nao and Makoto pick vegetables.

You know, Makoto does talk like an old grandma.

Sure, grandma always says guys like a girl with a little meat on her bones.

Also, confirmation that Makoto has more "style" than Nao.

Good for the skin and burns fat? Tell me more about these super radishes!

Ha! That mandrake is going to get his revenge!

Talk about continuity. Chito found a ladybug!

Raw radishes do taste good, but they taste even better chilled. At room temperature, the heat really comes out.

Mmmm, radishes... Kei and Chinatsu appear to like hot stuff. Makoto and Nao, not so much.

Leave it to Akane to make Inukai's fortunes come true for Makoto and Chinatsu.

That is interesting that a Burkina Faso souvenir T-Shirt would have kanji on it.

I suppose we're leaving Kei's fortune for another episode, since we didn't hear it, except for Inukai telling him to study and he didn't wake up from the talking origami cranes.

Tomorrow's tomorrow comes soon enough!

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