Tuesday, June 28, 2016

10 Second Anime - Flying Witch - Episode 12 [END]

Makoto makes a new witch's robe. The cousins attend the local Nebuta festival. Series Finale.

Episode 12 - "A Witch's Robe and Different Ways to Spend the Day"


We've seen before how Chito can be just as moody as any other person in this show, but to see her mortification at being caught chewing on Makoto's old witch's robe was fun to see.

Chito usually presents herself as the wise cat making sure Makoto doesn't get lost, so seeing how she just wants to avoid being reminded of her past foibles adds a "human" element to her character development.

Makoto didn't look too confident in following Mrs. Kuramoto's map and directions. Thankfully, she has Chito Navi. Who likes to gnaw on old robes...

Makoto wanted to show that she made progress in bettering her sense of direction.

Oh well. She had trouble right out the door, but she almost got all the way there. Nao making deliveries was a helpful coincidence.

At least Makoto made great progress in flying abilities. Her witch nature outpaced her mundane abilities.

Chito and Makoto had the same reaction to spying Akane day drinking with the Nebuta Festival participants.

Hee! Makoto parked her broom like a bicycle.

It only made sense that Chito wanted Makoto to use the cat pattern to make her new robe. The eyes even glow in the dark!

She went with a normal black, but chose a flashy color for someone else.

Look! Chito cat's just like people!

This Chinatsu girl is all sorts of trouble. After being told to not to open the door as Makoto worked on her surprise, she just short-circuited the fable Makoto used as an example by saying they opened the door at the end anyway, so why not open it "early."

Flashy robe for a witch apprentice.

This little vignette also solved the mystery of why Makoto never wore a robe like the other witches did. My question is whether Chito hid the robe by stuffing it into a cushion to hide how she gnawed on it.

It was Chito's idea to make a robe for Chinatsu. She should have been prepared for Chinatsu's brand of gratitude.

Looking good, Chinatsu!

The rest of the episode captured the magical and mundane nature of festivals. It's not just stalls, fireworks and yukatas. Earthfish attend too and they get redder than Akane when they drink alcohol. And now we know where all those mask designs come from. Witch influences.

Is this Nebuta Festival the same one Akane and Inukai got so drunk at that Inukai ate the animal transformation chocolate? Hopefully Inukai didn't eat anything magical this time.

Yay! Festival montage! So ends the season for this slice of life show.

Final Thoughts.

This was a pure slice of life Healing Anime kind of show. The hook was the subtle way witches used their powerful magic. The other hook was how similar tasks of daily life could resemble the preparations for casting spells. Kei was a good device to show how hunting for ingredients and cooking them up looked exactly like how a witch goes about mixing stuff up in her cauldron. Mrs. Kuramoto's drawings and maps also evoked how the witches draw signs and seals to invoke magic too.

Obviously, magic wasn't the focus of the show since this was Healing Anime. What matters are the characters and the setting. The slow pace of rural life matched the easy flow of relationships between all the characters. It's pretty rare to show a real older brother relate to his younger sister in a friendly familiar way.

But what helped the setting was the spice of the witches' magic. From the witch café with its ghost waitress and magical regulars to the distant places Akane instantly transported to the ancient flying whale village, this show confidently showed magic in action grounded in the real world.

The backgrounds and artwork were consistently lush and gorgeous. The characters' reaction gag faces never looked out of place. The tone and flow helped by the background music kept the show light and fluffy.

If you just want to relax and visit with some nice people who happen to be related to witches, Flying Witch is the show to watch.

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