Saturday, June 11, 2016

10 Second Anime - Flying Witch - Episode 10

Nao fears cooking class. Makoto goes apple blossom pruning.

Episode 10 - "Bad With Cooking and Bad With Bees"


After a few episodes dealing with all the witchiness Makoto has brought to the countryside, it was about time for the witch to let a little countryside influence her.

There was no magic at all used this episode, but there was a little witch culture infusion. Those pinky finger cookies looked awfully big for pinkies...

The first half of the episode dealt with Nao's trauma with cooking. Well, she's got cooking class next, so she'll just have to deal with it.

Uh no. Talking to the hand will not make the cooking class problem go away.

Lucky for Nao she was grouped with Kei and Makoto. We've already seen how good Kei is in the kitchen, so his little group wasn't going to have any problems ruining their food.

I was genuinely concerned with how Nao was cutting up vegetables. She got the hang of it eventually.

Cutting onions is hard work if you don't do Kei's microwave trick first. Personally, I have never cried from cutting up onions. The trick is not to let the onion juice fly everywhere.

Ha! Nao found a new sensation in mixing up hamburger patties. I think the Crunchyroll translation of "disgoodsting" was a valiant effort of how Nao combined the homonyms for good feeling and gross.

Nao's aversion to cooking came from one traumatic event in which she mixed up vinegar with cooking oil. What the heck happened in that frying pan?

I always got the feeling that Nao was athletic, but I really don't remember any scenes which showed this. I don't know why it didn't surprise me that Nao would be good at patting patties.

The punchline for the first half was that, even with all the competent cooking, the kids forgot to make the most important and easiest part of their meal: the rice.

The second half of the episode made sure we know that people just can't understand Papa Kuramoto. Poor Papa. The way he looked at Kei repeating word for word what he told the Kowata sisters was so sad. You could see it in his eyes, "That's what I said!" Chinatsu had his back.

The trip out to the apple orchard looked all nice and fun.

The cats liked the breeze in the bed of the pickup truck.

But I think something got cut out of the episode.

Notice how relaxed Akane and Chinatsu look, but Makoto, who had enjoyed the wind, now looks annoyed or disgusted. What happened there?

Anyway, the characters are all about blossom pruning and noticing the usual things about an orchard.

Like hitting your head on low branches and other things.

Like I said, there was no magic this episode, but there were references to witchcraft. Like the cookie fingers earlier, we had Akane wondering why Makoto was scared of coming down a ladder when she flies much higher on her broom. It's just different, okay?

I'm used to visiting an orchard and vineyard every year, so knowing that bees are a normal part of farming isn't news to me. What is news is finding out that this Japanese species likes to bite instead of sting.

I didn't see the cats working very hard, but whatever they did was thirsty work.

One thing that's nice about Healing Anime is that sometimes the premise of the show, in this case a flying witch, just needs to take a break so we can see more of the setting and get to visit with the characters without getting too excited about the magic. Here we had just normal slice of life, with the humor at the expense of the normals. Poor Nao. Poor Papa. And poor Makoto's finger.

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