Sunday, May 08, 2016

Omake Gif Anime - Sansha Sanyou - Episode 5 - Futaba Excited

Futaba really likes talking about cake. Maybe it was a mistake to have her so near so much of that tasty cake...

I thought Youko was nodding off because it was such a warm day, but no. Youko has been working a lot of shifts for Sonobe's pastry shop.

Leave it to a nice forehead slam to get the imperious ojou-sama reaction out of Youko.

Everybody's going to end up in that maid outfit sooner or later. May as well start with Hayama.

Nishiyama is even tsundere for her cat. She's just saving money to buy a nice camera to take pictures of it, that's all!

Girls love eating cake in this show, including Nishiyama's friend Asako.

From wanting to get extra kitty treats to dressing up in the maid shop girl uniform. Nishiyama is easily manipulated.

That looks like a nice smile from Nishiyama to me. A nice fake smile!

Nishiyama has been practicing that enthusiastic "Welcome!" greeting.

For an episode supposedly about Futaba and Hayama working with Youko, we spent much enjoyable time looking at Nishiyama working at the same shop.

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