Saturday, May 21, 2016

Omake Gif Anime - Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta - Episode 7 - Akane Rubs Oil on Ako

This is the beach summer training camp episode, so you better take care of your skin, Ako!

In a nice gender switch joke, Rusian was the target of sunscreen "skinship."

Oh, what is he complaining about? Three beautiful women rubbing him all over should be heaven to most teenage boys.

The trip to Kyou's family beach compound had the usual drowsy long drive.

Rusian should get used to looking at his future wife's sleeping face.

Saitou-sensei couldn't believe how luxurious their accommodations were.

If this is a beach episode, there has to be some slow motion bikini running. Thank you, Ako for your kind consideration.

There's no need to be shy in front of your husband, right Ako? He's already seen you in much less...

Just where are you looking, Rusian?

Ako asks the same question.

Then the other girls showed up to interrupt exclusive couple time. Akane had an interesting sailor uniform inspired suit.

Age appropriate complete with doughnut inflatable.

Kyou's suit was about as bold and flashy as we would expect.

Kyou's suit covers about as much as her in-game armor. You better believe it's magically enchanted.

Ooh, who's this?

Oh right! Nekohime-sensei was here too. Uh, I mean Saitou-sensei.

She had a very sporty swimsuit on, but notice the cat's paw logo.

I loved all the nyaa~ sounds coming out  when she got excited.

I noticed that the kids reflected in her glasses were in the same poses as her last outburst, just mirror reversed.

Saitou-sensei appeared relaxed, but you could tell from her glasses that something was boiling under the surface.

Okay, okay. This weird group of adventurers needs to play together instead of play individually near each other.

When sand is being piled up, you expect the boy to get buried.

Ako put the finishing touches on the sand pile on top of... Akane! She got an armor upgrade!

Ako liked what she saw of Rusian in the bath! It's only fair since she stripped for him a couple of episodes ago.

Talk to the hand, Akane! Ako was hungry and wanted to prepare the "BBQ" quickly. Who knew that she was the only one of their club who could actually cook? Judging from her mother, I'm not surprised.

Akane play acted with her "Burning Edge" skill. What a nerd!

Saitou-sensei taught Akane not to play with fire.

Kyou was getting all fired up for the romantic firework display.

Aw. Ako and Rusian shared a love confession, but Ako didn't put it into Real Life context.

Will this in-game context of a love chat room make things clear? Not before some actual dramatic plot gets in the way.

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