Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Omake Gif Anime - Macross Delta - Episode 7 - Freyja Nyaa~

Disguised as one of the native cat-like people gave Freyja many chances at nyaa- puns.

Mirage was all business-nyaa~, making Freyja pay attention-nyaa~.

Freyja couldn't believe-nyaa~ that Mikumo had already gone off on her own-nyaa~.

Windemere apples make Freyja drool-nyaa~.

The other girls got into the cat spirit too. Makinyaa~ had lots of fun.

Rei-nyaa~ and Makinyaa~ make a great duo, but it wasn't always so.

Mikumo-nyaa~ wanted to make sure Freyja focused on reality not propaganda.

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