Saturday, May 14, 2016

10 Second Anime - Kiznaiver - Episode 6

Maki's past catches up to her just when her Kiznaiver partners can feel her emotional pain.

Episode 6 - "Nothing good comes from being around all of you."


Hey, this anime can tell a story without relying on gags and antics. Who knew?

The prologue definitively showed how unstable Maki's friend Ruru was. She just decided to throw herself off a steep embankment on a whim. Did she trust Maki to catch her? Did she care? Truly disturbed.

We've moved into Stage 2 of the show. You can tell because the title screen in the opening credits is now yellow instead of blue to match how the scar glows when emotional pain is being transmitted.

Poor Nico. Training camp ended after only one day because of the emotional breakthrough. I don't think they even spent the night. At least they're all hanging out at Katsuhira's empty apartment.

What is Noriko injecting into herself? Something to pay attention to for later on.

Chidori definitely doesn't like Katsuhira calling Noriko "Nori-chan." The Kiznaiivers don't like it either because of the hurt feelings getting shared.

Noriko referenced an 8th Toxic Personality: The Forgetful Priss. Presumably herself? Maybe she doesn't really remember Katsuhira either, but only "knows" him and their past relationship because of her access to the Kizna System records.

This Charles de Macking pen name for Ruru's and Maki's mangaka team is obviously made as a combination of their names. Sha RURU do MAKI ngu. This was also the name in the hospital morgue that freaked Maki out in the second episode. This is just more confirmation on how much the Kizna Committee knows about everyone.

There were some interesting nuances I noticed about the emotional pain transfer. First, Katsuhira finds the sensation novel because he is used to ignoring physical pain, but he is feeling the full effect of the emotions. Presumably, his disregard of pain affected his emotional affect, but now he is feeling his partners' emotions, which is a brand new thing for him. Second, the emotional pain transfer isn't showing the source on the wrist indicators. Mind you, they didn't always show the indicator when the physical pain was happening either, but the Kiznaivers showed confusion on who was the source of the hurt feelings.

Ooh! Burn! Katsuhira was "disappointed" in Nori-chan for letting the teachers use the bullies to attack Chidori.

We're not done with Maki's story yet. We still don't know what happened to Ruru. Also, it appears that a couple of the other Kiznaivers have some emotional scars they don't want to share with the group. There's also the subplot of the mayor under pressure to shut down the research city because of bad press and not "getting results."

I have a feeling there's going to be a renewed interest in Charles de Macking's manga by the end of the next episode.

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