Monday, May 16, 2016

10 Second Anime - Flying Witch - Episode 6

Akane gives Makoto some practical advice on magic and Chinatsu wants to become a witch.

Episode 6 - "Trick or Treat"


Oh, Makoto. Pressing your crotch on a hard wooden rod for an hour is soooo not the way to fly a broom.

The plot points for this week's Healing Anime is Akane giving Makoto broom flying pointers, Chinatsu deciding to become a witch and Akane teaching Makoto another spell which makes someone either laugh or cry. Thankfully no one becomes a dog lady this time around.

So much innuendo, so little time.

Akane dropped Makoto some knowledge. Levitate yourself along with the broom. Of course!

I got a kick out of Chinatsu's slow motion move from celebration to begging Akane to make her a witch.

Chinatsu's parents are so easygoing. Akane tried to make Chinatsu balk at becoming a witch by stressing the seriousness of the life change, but it ended up making Chinatsu even more serious.

I have a feeling Chinatsu and Nao both have latent witchy powers. Chinatsu is obviously related to Makoto and Akane, so it's not too farfetched to think she has potential. This was hinted at in the first episode when she heard the mandrake scream and in the second when she could see the Harbinger of Spring. Nao also heard the mandrake screaming, so there might be something to her too.

Somehow Chinatsu thinks witch training is like joining a dojo. She must be watching all those bad action movies with her brother.

Akane claimed to have been in a small movie. I'm sure that reference will make a comeback. She also dropped out of high school to go to Hong Kong to see "Jackie." Could that be Jackie Chan?

That Expiation in Ridel Prison movie was so obviously The Shawshank Redemption.

Chinatsu still likes teasing Makoto. Sure, she wants to make a gingerbread house that eats people. She's only joking! Or is she?

It always comes down to eating pocky.

With the 2nd Magic Lesson involving snacks and how Akane said "mochinoron" instead of "mochiron," I thought I fell into an episode of Dagashi Kashi.

I dug how Akane used a compass app on her smartphone to find North and South.

I couldn't tell whether the crying spell was on North or South.

I laughed so hard at how Makoto sobbed when she declared her love of beef stew.

Of course, the opposite of crying uncontrollably is laughing uncontrollably.

The cats ended up not being so amused by this magical display.

It was a fun switch to have someone cry BEFORE chopping an onion.

The kicker at the end of the episode was Dad eating both snacks and crying and laughing at the same time.

Also, Kei spent the entire afternoon watching movies. This makes me think he's already seen the "small movie" Akane was in.

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